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  • jack2

    What I liked - a car group with 'fun' people. That made it go well sometimes. Also, there are some genuinely nice householders that can make it nice.

    What I disliked - leading out. When I led the group out, I felt lots of stress. Having a room full of people with little or no idea of what they want to do or who carried no territory made things difficult. There were times when the elder conducting the other bookstudy that met with us did not show and did not call me or anyone else, and there I was with one small chunk of territory and 10-15 people looking at me. And forget asking them to improvise and do some street work or something. Then there were those who always seemed a bit peeved at the arrangements I made. Sorry I couldn't always pair them up to their liking or get them into a car group with their favorite folks, but hey, I never learned to read minds. Also, when reviewing the presentation from the magazines, I could tell that practically no one had bothered to read them or prepare anything to say (couldn't blame them, but still, it was a pain in the butt to sit there and try to fish out some comments. It always amazed me how so many jws will offer magazines that they themselves had not bothered to read).

    Also, driving around and making RVs. I would rather walk, get out of the car, get some excerise. But there are those who are content to drive around all morning long, even on a nice day. I understand why, but still, my legs would at times ache for some work, and on Sundays especially it's assumed that everyone wants to do calls.

    I hate loaded cars. Some brothers had this thing about wanting to cram people into the car. I hate that. Just recently, we had 3 in the back seat and that was torture, because it was a Sunday and the group wanted to make calls. Yeah, let's cram in and drive around on a beautiful Sunday morning. I hated every minute of it. I got home and said, 'no more of that'. I haven't been out in service since.

  • blondie

    I liked having mutual conversations with people about the Bible. I did not like talking to complete strangers. I worked in sales as an adult and "cold calls" are the hardest to make.

  • RandomTask

    Add my name to the "did not like going out in service" class.

    Not that I have anything against those of you who actually enjoyed it, more power to you!

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  • Sentinel

    Actually, yes, there was a time that I truly enjoyed doing what I considered to be "God's Work". I kept detailed records and always returned and followed up. I had many Bible Studies going, and I even Pioneering for a full year after graduated HS. It was my life for many years.

    I think it was that year that opened my eyes to many things. When I was in school, my studying was limited, but when I got out, I had more time. I always had questions that had gone unanswered, and my questions became an important issue with me, especially since they kept throwing in the word "apostate", with warnings of discipline. That didn't click right with me. Since when is it ever wrong to question?

    In those early years, I had no fear. I spoke to all kinds of people. If they were mean or cruel, I shook the dust from my feet and moved forward. I believed it with all my heart, and preached the word with the urgency of the times, that is, the great war Armegeddon.

    Oh, my how nieve I was in those days. But, I had a purpose in life and I was a serious JDub. When I was finally able to step back away from all of it, and see it for what it really was/is, I felt so betrayed and so used. I had wasted some of the best years of my life.

    I'm sure that I'm not alone in those feelings.


  • MikeMusto


    one I was in a car alone with a fellow pioneer...I knew I liked her and she knew

    it too...everone else was in the house on a long R.V..lets just say my

    hand wandered up her clothing in the most intimate of areas...we both had


    luckily i found the truth later on in life through the interenet...about Chelsea Boys that is.

  • LDH


    You unfaithful hussy!!!

    All the times us "young people" were in field service, I can honestly say no "funny business" took place.

    I guess Mike has always been a boy of a different sort.


  • MikeMusto


    would you like to join me in service? It will be upbuilding...I promise

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    I'm with Jrizzo. I met many fine people in my door to door travels.

    Guest 77

  • roykaye

    We were two ministerial servants and we invented a perfect way to avoid d-to-d. We'd first delay the group by 15 minutes saying that some older ones had promised to come and they'd be disappointed if we left. Then after assigning the territory we'd go back to the rendevous point and pretend that we were waiting for those who may have missed the group. Often we'd spend over an hour 'waiting' for the non-existant latecomers, in between we'd pretend that we were scouting out territory for the next week. The last hour would be spent having coffee and gossiping.

    Loved service!!!

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  • leokio

    Hated field service. Hated lying about liking field service. Hated hearing others lie about liking field service.


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