Two Jehovahs Witnesses Beheaded!

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    Hey Salud,your right,I am happy it wasn`t one of my relatives.Under other circumstances it could just as well have been them..I would also feel real bad if one of them robbed a bank and was shot to death..The point is they put themselves in that predicament for what ever reason,and had to pay a very high price.They have no one to blame but themselves...OUTLAW

  • Salud


    How about putting some of the blame on Aby Sayyaf. Try telling Daniel Pearl's wife he got what he deserved for putting himself in a dangerous situation. Everyone has a right to believe what they want, but when you start beheading people and taking matters into your own hands that's when it crosses the line and you have gone too far, then those people are to blame. Just because I do not agree with the Witness theology or anyone else's for that matter does not give me the right to behead them.


    Hey Salud,like spider,you seem like a nice person..I guess we will have to agree to disagree.....OUTLAW

  • Satanus

    Well, at least they weren't easygoing. According to wt, easygoing is worse than dead.


  • Mary

    I'm rather amazed and disturbed at some views here, that these Witnesses "got what they deserved". These people are controlled by the Governing Body's teachings, just like we all were at one time. In my teenage years, I was so positive that this was "the truth" that I would have gladly sacrificed my life for my beliefs if necessary.

    The thing is, they weren't beheaded because they were Jehovah's Witnesses, they were beheaded because they weren't Muslim. These guys would have beheaded a Catholic, Protestant, Jew or Buddist just as quick.

  • spider

    Compassionate - if feeling sorry for people getting their heads chopped off is compassionate then yeah I guess. I'm just aware that only five short years ago, if I had been a little more spiritual, I could have been the one with my head cut off. How can I judge then and say they deserved it. You are right - they probably knew the score and they took the risks but then most of us believed and were willing to die for the cause. From their perspective and retrospectively my own, we believed we were doing the right thing and it would be worth the sacrifice. In reality now I know this to be a delusion and therefore tragic that they have wasted their lives and undergone this kind of pain for nothing. If you were ever a witness I fail to understand how you can be so detached. Do you think that you would have deserved this kind of treatment?

  • spider

    Sorry Outlaw - didn't mean to be ganging up on ya


    Hey spider,no problem.It`s good to have different points of veiw,and friends we can disscuss them with..Had I gone into a country where I knew JW`s were not allowed to preach,lied about my intentions about being there,was caught and beheaded.It wouldn`t be anybodys fault but my own,it go`s with the territory.You can find other people to blame,but the fact is,you knew what would happen if you broke the law and got caught.Now you gotta pay..Chop-chop...OUTLAW

  • amac

    Only a real jerk would think that a person that preaches their interpretation of the bible is deserving of a beheading.

    I've read some extremely ridiculous remarks in this thread.

    Some have inferred that they push their agenda down your throat. Last I checked, a firm "I'm not interested, get the hell away from me" stopped them. They no more push their agenda down your throat than a telemarketer does. I certainly wouldn't be happy about 2 telemarketers getting beheaded, no matter how much I hate them.

    Others say the JWs were there to threaten the lives of anyone who doesn't join their religion and to preach death and destruction. Hmmm, I don't seem to recall any TMS parts talking about those kind of presentations. All I remember was them teaching how to hook people on what they thought was the key to eternal life and avoiding destruction.

    Some even said that the WT WANT things like this to happen because it proves they are in the time of the end. Do you really believe that ANY JW WANTS this to happen? Maybe one of the GB is in his room right now thinking, I hope they behead the rest of them! Give me a break!

    The only JWs that would want something like this to happen are the real jerk JWs, and a good portion of those became real jerk apostates and then say things like "they got what they deserved."

  • BluesBrother

    God, this is awful !

    The barbarity of the action is just sickening. It is true that their lives are no more valuable than anyone else , but after spending so long in the org. I have to feel a sort of kinship with them because they were doing what we all did, misguidedly

    If we had been invited to preach there, at one time I expect we would have done it .

    The comments of a few of the members should make the writers ashamed.

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