Two Jehovahs Witnesses Beheaded!

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  • morrisamb

    I was watching CNN at 10:35pm and Aaron Brown announced this. Shocking. For me it's like a knife in my gut..hearing the loss of a family member. I can't explain it.

    It happens to me when I hear something terrible happen to Witnesses in my area, even if they don't talk to me.

  • writerpen

    I've been following this story since yesterday and I've just cried every time I've thought about it. I often find myself crying about news items like this, but this one touches a little closer to home. As stated in an earlier post about this topic, while their religion has caused me grief, I would not wish this on anyone and have included these people in my prayers. I hope they will be okay, and if not, that they will at least experience a calm spirit through anything they may experience.

  • Dismembered

    Now that's sad

  • LovesDubs

    I dont care HOW deep into the "end" we are..the Society has NO BUSINESS having people preaching in that part of the world right now. NO business. They are accountable for this.

  • blondie

    I just read a recent news article that said they weren't witnessing but were selling Avon products (not as official reps thought), herb teas. But I suppose they couldn't help informal witnessing. Islam bans proselytizing and the extreme groups take it very seriously (obviously with cutting heads off). I don't think all the facts have been sorted out yet.

  • Mary

    And they claim that Islam is a religion of peace? Gimme a break. This is absolutely sickening and I'd like to see these bastards bombed right into the stone age........which is where their thinking is anyway.

    I hope the Society has enough sense to get any missionaries they have in the Phillipines out of there.......It's kind of hard to "preach in all the inhabited lands" if they're going to kill you before you get two words out of your mouth.

  • cruzanheart

    Of course this bothers all of us! No matter what we think of the organization, we all know really nice, sincere Jehovah's Witnesses who are doing their best to do the right thing as they are told it is. And hearing about anyone being beheaded for no good reason is sickening. I hope the rest of the hostages come out of this alive.

  • bboyneko

    The jehovahs witnesses themselves go around preaching about a god who ordered his people to kill any who did not beleive in him. So they suffered the same fate as what the god they beleived in has administered to unbeleivers in the past. Like how god in 1 samuel chapter 15 orders his followers to slay not just children, but babies because their parents didn't worship or beleive in him.

  • gsx1138

    I'm going to be an ass here. I don't feel sorry for them any more than I felt sorry for those two women in Afghanistan who were kidnapped for trying to convert muslims to christianity. You are making a concience choice to go into a dangerous place and tell people that their God is false. The only reason it worked back in the old days was because missionaries had military backing and if the heathens didn't convert they just killed them. It is never ok to kill someone but they put themselves in that position even though it has been widely publicized that Abu-Syef and his cronies were on a kidnapping spree. The only sad part to me is that they died for some old men in Brooklyn.

  • gotcha

    a spokesman from the local branch here has spoken in the news regarding this matter, he said that they were not responsible for sending them there. well it seems that they went for 2 purposes one is to try earning money by selling avon stuff as well as do some preaching...but it's really sad and inhuman what the abu sayaff did to them..abu's usually kill hostages who don't have money to pay up ransom..hope the others will come home safe but these are cruel bandits

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