mikepence threatened to sue me / contributions

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  • Cassiline

    Mister 8iggs are you one and the same as Mister Biggs? Just curious.

  • amac

    I'm not sure what all the huffs and puffs are about. I don't see anything technically wrong with what Mike did. He clearly explained that he was looking for donations so he could fly back east to press formal charges and to participate in the March. He later recanted on the march bit and offered a refund to those who already donated. In other words he said I am now only going back to press charges so if you no longer want to donate for just that then you can get a refund.

    All this said, I would never donate money to someone like this. Only because I don't know the details. I have no reason not to believe him, but I also have no reason to believe him. I have no idea of the details of his situation. For all I know, he may not even have any kids.

    But if anyone was brave enough to donate to this man and his family, I certainly wouldn't moan about it now, especially since you can get a refund. And if you do find yourself moaning, check yourself for a little selfishness. Did you donate because you thought it might help the cause/march that you are involved in and you want to see succeed? Or did you donate because you truly want to help this man and his children find justice? If it is the latter, then I don't see why it matters as long as he pursues this. Just my opinion.

  • Derrick
    badwillie wrote:
    Here's my 2 cents for what it's worth:

    1) I am Mike Pence's brother in law.

    2) Mike is an honest person.

    3) Mike's child (my nephew) was severely sexually assaulted by the PO at my congregation.

    4) Mike and family will be flying to Philly to bring formal charges against this elder, and will more than likely still be attending the Silent Lambs march. (Mike resolved his issues in a conversation with Sheila Bowen last night)

    5) Mike ( a computer programmer) has done work for Bill Bowen's Silentlambs website for free (maybe Bill could verify that this is an accurate statement).

    6) Most of Mike's funds were not contributed by posters to this forum.

    Please go to the contribution link and request your refund if you feel that your funds are being misappropriated in any way.

    Thanks for listening, hope this helps.

    Hello badwillie,

    Thank you so much for clarifying this. Mike posted the text that at least one person on this topic received via email over on http://www.geocities.com/hourglass2.geo/ (on the International Open Forum for JWs), and I was grappling with my conscience on what to do.

    I really appreciate your clarification that Mike is legit for the sake of all who may have seen his topic there.

    To Mike, I want you to know that my heart goes out to what happened to your family. You must feel angry, completely humiliated and demoralized. I know that I would feel this way. I hope you prevail in your lawsuit against the Society because it will teach them an important lesson and help compensate your family for the wrongs you have suffered in the process.

    Best wishes,


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  • amac
    I hope you prevail in your lawsuit against the Society

    I don't think he has a lawsuit against the society. He only mentioned pressing formal criminal charges against the man who allegedly molested his children.

  • Monster

    Simon, I know I'm a day late or so , but I felt I would add my two cents in here. If somone wants you to delete his "every" thread and he has threatened to sue you, it sounds like to me, he wants to be sure you have no evidence against him in court to counter sue. Think of this; what's better than having someone's own words work against him in the court system.?

    Don't delete them just print them or keep the threads on a floppy disk for futrue references , you'll never know when you need them.

    Peace James

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