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  • detective

    I completely disagree with you Erie Guy. I'm not an ex-jw nor have I ever been one so any likening of what's happening here to judicial commitees is totally unrelated to the issue at hand. I can't think of a single posting group that would let slide the open solicitation for funds followed by an open admission of intended misapropriation of those funds. I just can't see that going over well with any group whether they are ex-witnesses, ex-mormons or ex-field hockey players.

    I'd say Mike Pence probably is a deeply troubled person. However, that does not excuse his clear violation of the trust of people he solicited. Let's be clear on this- over $1,000 dollars appears to have been donated. And apparently it isn't going to be used for what it Mike Pence said it would be used for.

    This isn't the first time that he's solicited money here. Back when the U.N. scandal broke people were going crazy notifying press, seeking further information and providing verification of facts. Mike Pence suggested they pay for a press release. I know that I personally poohpoohed the idea and quite possibly so did others since this board was already getting help for FREE from writers and other relevent professionals and interested parties.

    I was definitely suspicious at the time but wrote it off to a somewhat bizarre suggestion on his part. I'm sorry I didn't see his recent thread on the same topic. I'd be interested to see who the check for his press release was/would be made out to! If he wants to get paid for his efforts then fine, whatever, but he should be forthright about it. At least if he did write up a press release and then pay himself for it (after soliciting funds here for said service)- at least then he'd have "earned" it for his skill. Though, again, i'll repeat that other professionals were doing this for FREE. But the money for the silent lambs march- that's something else!!
    So, he may have problems, but he seems to have no problem trying to work this board to his financial advantage and that's not okay. It looks as if he's always angling. If I actually had donated money, I'd be requesting a refund so fast his head spin. And if I didn't get it- I'd take the battle to his internet provider and I would certainly explore whatever options were available to see that his actions do not go unaddressed. Why? Because I'm a meanie? maybe. Or, possibly I think that despite a persons problems, it doesn't give them the right to take advantage of and mislead others. Sorry, having it tough isn't a defense. Show me someone on this board who hasn't been through hell in some way or another!! I believe people should show a little compassion for the guy. BUT...first and foremost, I think he should stop taking people for a little financial ride and while he's at it, step up and give people their money back without making them ask for it. If he acts honorably, then hopefully he'll be treated honorably!

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  • MegaDude

    I would suggest Mike Pence be banned from further begging on this board.

  • Angharad

    MikePence's account has been deactivated by his own request.

    To quote Simon's earlier post

    In future, no requests for money will be allowed to be made other than for officially endorsed projects such as silentlambs and then when money will be going directly.
  • ErieGuy

    You jackels are so hellbent on ripping this guy to shreds that you INTENTIONALLY IGNORE the simple fact that those folks WHO ACTUALLY DONATED were put on notice that they could rescind their donation anytime within 30 days._______

    Mike came back and ANNOUNCED that he wasn't going to the March (reasons not pertinent to this issue). THAT ANNOUNCEMENT put his donators on notice that they could get their money back if they so desired. If Mike was planning to intentionally defraud people, he could have simply kept his mouth shut, and noone would have been the wiser._________

    Again, just let a little blood get in the water and then watch the sharks gather for a feeding frenzy. The fact that the injured "meat" is one of their own is meaningless.

  • Satanus


    So, he may have problems, but he seems to have no problem trying to work this board to his financial advantage and that's not okay. It looks as if he's always angling.

    You have just described all the sreet people i have met and tried to help. Also, some user nieghbors, who have social problems or drug/booze problems. They expect/believe that others should continuously support them. The support doesn't really help them. It enables them to continue to stay in their situation.


  • MegaDude


    Mike's original post didn't mention refunds whatsoever. Only after people started questioning.

  • You Know
    You Know

    Why don't you sell tickets to the WWF aposto-slugfest and help the guy out? / You Know

  • mpatrick

    Wow, I have missed alot lately! Simon, sorry that you are having to deal with all this unnecessary grief. I just wanted to say that Mike Pence sent me this email just a few days ago...

    In early March of this year, in the echoes of uncertainty left after the horror of 9-11, just one year after I had nearly died myself from a massive, still unexplained, seizure, I determined that I wanted to be a writer. There were so many things I wanted to write about, my head swirled with possibilities. One topic kept coming front and center, unavoidably. My knowledge of the pain and suffering in the world of the silent lambs would not permit me to write about anything else until I had made a difference for the victims of child sexual abuse among Jehovahs Witnesses. I had to write about that first.

    Imagine my excitement when I managed to rouse the interest of Salon.com, widely considered the best of the web magazines by none less than Time magazine. I started working with an editor there, and researching the topic in depth and in earnest. My hope had been that at some point in my career I might manage to get published in this erudite journal, I had never imagined the opportunity would arise so quickly.

    Open discussion of the topic of sexual abuse among JWs in my house went on for days. Our children, Ryan, 12, and Becca, 10, are exceptionally intelligent and mature for their years. They were active participants in our discussions and brainstorming. As the sun was setting one particular evening in mid-March, my wife Denise spoke these fateful words to me: Mike, the kids have something they need to tell you.

    My children proceeded to unravel a horrific tale of being sexually assaulted by the man who is now Presiding Overseer of our former suburban Philadelphia congregation. They finished each others sentences, as they recalled, in bits and pieces, what the room looked like, what was said, how my son cried out for help, and how my daughter, so young then, struggled to help him, only to be kicked to the floor.

    The file folders full of stories of other peoples pain printed from Silentlambs.org seemed, suddenly, very far away.

    In the months since, I have published several articles on this topic on web sites like morons.org and kuro5hin.org, widely respected sites. My article for Salon now includes an exclusive interview with J. R. Brown, and details of who in the governing body knew there was a serious problem with sexual abuse in the group as far back as the early 90s. It will be ready for publication at the end of this week.

    There have been many tearful days and nights in my house since. It has been a bewildering and difficult time for all of us. For me, helping the cause of Silentlambs and researching the topic at arms length has allowed me to look, indirectly, at a wall of pain in my heart that I know I have not begun to breach. A long, difficult road lies ahead.

    We now live in Arizona. Our hope is that we can go to Philadelphia and file charges against the elder who committed this horrible crime, since Pennsylvania law requires us to go there to file these charges in person. This man was our friend. We have reason to believe that his abuse continues to this day.

    We would like to fly to Philadelphia, celebrate our nephews first birthday with my wifes brother, who just left the group in the last year, and file charges against this horrible man which we must be physically present to do. Then we will go to the Silentlambs march, and in front of 24 Columbia Heights and the national media, name this man for the entire world to hear. We have a unique chance to do something, to provide the beginnings of some sort of closure for our children, to raise awareness and protect current and future victims of sexual abuse.

    In these difficult economic times, we dont have the funds to do this. It will cost us about $1000 dollars just to fly to and from the Northeast. So, I am asking for your help. Please contribute whatever you can to Silentlambs at http://www.silentlambs.org/contribution_page.htm so that the money can be there to fund families like mine who want the world to see that victims of child sex abuse among Jehovahs Witnesses are real, and so is their pain. This is a once in a lifetime chance for former Jehovahs Witnesses and current Jehovahs Witnesses to make a difference.

    You may also go to http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/pay/T3VSKZI0KMUOOK/103-2337257-7466225 if you would like to help us in our personal quest.

    Join us and support us at the march. Contribute whatever you can. Our children and so many other children have been, and are being hurt. Please help. Please sponsor a silent lamb.

    Mike Pence
    Founder, XJWNews.com

    I can only imagine the pain that Mike and his family are going through, but I found it rather odd that he would request funds in this manner.


  • Satanus


    I bet that you have more fun here than at the king hall or assemblies.


  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist

    Let me get this straight, Mike (Not Musto!) snookers $1000 out of helpful people and he wants to sue Simon!? My bet is he will slink off.

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