mikepence threatened to sue me / contributions

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  • notperfectyet

    I donated to MikePence...against my better judgment......but I also donated to silentlambs, and I have no regret for that.

    Mike Pence is a liar and a thief, his friend Mr. Biggs is probably in on it. New big screen TV guys?

    Erieguy is a troll.

    I am out of here. And thanks for the session of not ever trusting..anyone, anytime, anywhere.

    Over and Out...

  • MikeMusto

    Hey all..

    I can settle this..

    Send me all your donations and monies and income to this Mike....MIKE MUSTO.

    So i can be prepared to shop for next years fall fashion release...thanks


  • Mister 8iggs
    Mister 8iggs


    Now this is ugly and unfair.

    Simon- How can you allow anyone continue to make unwarranted accusations against others on here? Now, Biggs is "in on it". Because I know Mike and stand by his character, I am now part of a scam?

    notperfectyet...You owe me an apology. besides, I already own a big-screen TV you nitwit!

  • 144001
    Watching you bunch of jackels rip and tear at an obviously hurting fellow XJW is barely different than watching a Judicial Committee ripping and tearing at a "silentlamb". WHAT A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES who try to portray this website as some sort of refuge for hurting XJWs!!!_________

    Anyone who has read any of Mike Pence's posts over the past few months should have been able to figure out that Mike has some serious problems._________

    This thread, as well as the initial questioning posts, were NOT necessary. Noone was forced to respond to his solicitation nor visit his webpage. Noone was forced to send him a donation. Anyone who did make a donation would have seen that they had 30 days to rescind such. Mike's announcement that he would not attend the March was sufficient notice for any donator to cancel their donation if they felt his decision warranted such._________

    Mike's flailing responses to accusations/insinuations of fraud are totally understandable. An intentionally fraudulant person would not have bothered to defend himself as Mike has._________

    The JWD Governing Body and Elders have sunk to a new low in imitating that which they claim to detest and oppose. They have gangraped one of their own in a lame attempt to protect their "territory", no different than how the WTS treats silentlambs. - - ErieGuy

    First, Eriefreak, how dare you refer to those with reasonable doubts about Mike Pence's intentions as "jackels?" Are you such a brainwashed idiot that you don't question anything, even when there are indicators that questions ought to be asked? Rather than being the "hypocrites" that you've described others as here, these folks are really just prudent individuals, asking questions so as to minimize the risk of being defrauded. You owe folks here an apology for your outrageous accusations.

    Your stupidity is further illustrated by your statement that "[a]n intentionally fraudulant person would not have bothered to defend himself as Mike has." [sic] As a former fraud examiner, I find your assertion to be lacking of any reasonable basis whatsoever and entirely idiotic, much like everything else you've said here. What is the basis for your knowledge of the behavior of those engaged in fraudulent activities? Are you one of them?

    JWD Governing Body and Elders? I'm beginning to believe that you are suffering from delusions. Go seek help, eriefreak.

  • Simon

    Perhaps, if you know him, you could ask him what he thinks he is doing acting the way he is Mister 8iggs?

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  • dubla


    you INTENTIONALLY IGNORE the simple fact that those folks WHO ACTUALLY DONATED were put on notice that they could rescind their donation anytime within 30 days._______

    Mike came back and ANNOUNCED that he wasn't going to the March (reasons not pertinent to this issue). THAT ANNOUNCEMENT put his donators on notice that they could get their money back if they so desired.

    thats ridiculous reasoning. if he raised the money sincerely, in order to attend the march, and then found out he wasnt going, its HIS responsibility (ethically) to refund EVERYONES money that contributed. its not anyone elses responsibility to keep a close eye on what he did or didnt post about refunds after the fact....what about contributors that dont frequent the board every day? unless he refunds every cent of every contribution, he proves himself a complete fraud and a liar who tugged on heartstrings in order to personally profit. he no doubt wanted all his posts deleted as they were evidence of his fraud.....probably covering his own @$$ legally. personally, i think its completely disgusting that anyone would use a sensitive subject like child abuse in order to make a quick buck.....but i suppose theres all kinds out there.


  • Mister 8iggs
    Mister 8iggs


    I'll answer your question when you answer mine.

  • Simon

    "I can allow it because emotions are running high over such an emotive topic."

    How's that?

    Actually I do think the comment by npy was a bit strong.

  • Mister 8iggs
    Mister 8iggs

    EDITED because Simon responded to my question.

    Simon- A "bit" strong? What if I said that you were part of a scam? Would it be a "bit" strong then?

    Now, all I'm guilty of is vouching that Mike is a stand-up guy who has done so much to help me and people I know. I simply was vouching that he was a legitimate person and he's not a scam artist.

    Simon- If you want me to answer your question, I will e-mail you (if you're still interested).

    Edited by - Mister 8iggs on 21 August 2002 15:53:45

  • MegaDude

    Mike Pence didn't return the money automatically for one reason.

    He wanted to keep the money.

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