mikepence threatened to sue me / contributions

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  • Simon

    Thanks badwillie

    I hope he makes it to the march.

    Why all the cloak and dagger stuff and avoiding the questions if he could have answered so easily? And why all the (sudden) threats?

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  • Crazy151drinker

    He was afraid of the Thought Police....

  • WildHorses

    I don't have anything to say about Mike. He may well have ligit reasons for what why he canceled.

    I just wanted to ask You Know, where he finally found his sense of humor? He's had me in stiches for the past two days now. LOL

  • Satanus


    Another thing i would like to add. I'm not saying mike is or isn't a scammer, but scammers/users generally aren't trying to be bad, and aren't bad people. It's their internal demons that drive them to do what they do. In a way, they are victims. Those facts do not mean a person should let them into his/her life, or play their game. If one does attempt to help them, they are hard to get rid of. It's almost like adopting somebody. If that is somebodies thing, if somebody is a mother theresa, then by all means, he/she should follow his/her calling.


  • dubla

    i sincerely hope what you say (biggs and badwillie) is the truth, and if so i apologize for any insinuations ive made re: mikepence. i still believe that if the contributions arent used for the original purpose, for whatever reason, then everyone should get a refund, and shouldnt have to ask for it. btw, cant mike defend himself?


  • Mister 8iggs
    Mister 8iggs

    Hi, dubla.

    Mike tried to defend himself but he didn't respond the way people wanted him to respond. I think he could have handled the matter in a more mature or sensitive way. At the same time, many of his accusers hurled things at Mike that were flat out wrong, too.

    So, Mike got frustrated to the point where he demanded he be "banned" (for lack of a better term). I'm not endorsing Mike's reaction. I'm just giving you the facts.

  • notperfectyet


    I would of replied to you in an e-mail, but it is locked. You are right< I am the QUEEN of co-dependents. I am working on it, and this has been a good lesson...again.

    Larc, thanks

    Simon, this is a great site, and has helped me and alot of others I am sure.

    Mister 8iggs, I hope all goes well with Mike and family.

    six..the check is in the mail.

    Bye all and take care.....

  • detective


    I just want to clarify what I said earlier. At the time of the UN scandal when Mike brought up the idea of paying for a press release I suggested that instead of paying for resources already available to us (thanks to people like Hawk for researching, and Catholicguy- I think it was, among others who were really providing substantial resources at no cost). Since so many valuable resources already existed through people's hard work, like contacting media resources and so forth, paying about $600 for many things already available didn't seem like a wise investment. Which is pretty much what I stated.

    Now, since I don't know what company Mike would pay to represent "us" and give us around $600 worth of services, I can't speak to who exactly Mike would employ on "our" behalf. If you know the name of the company that he was thinking of using, please feel free to share. Knowing that Mike is also a writer made me wonder if it wasn't HIS services we might be paying for. Even if that were the case, I wouldn't have a problem necessarily with someone charging for their skill as long as they clearly explained that this were their intention. Of course, I'd still have encouraged people to NOT pay for something like that for a number of reasons, some of which I mentioned above. What I would say is that asking people to shell out their hard earned ca$h for something that was happening for free would not be something I would encourage, even if the motivations of the person asking were perfectly on the up and up. I really have no idea if Mike would somehow see a profit from it or not, I'd just rather not sit around and wonder if that's the case.

    I believe Mike has helped Biggs and others. He's probably a great guy. But you end up having a big responsibility when you start bandying about cries for funding. You HAVE to answer questions, especially from those who are kind enough to consider funding you. Yes, you might have to go a greater distance than you'd like to assure people that you are honest and that the money they give you for X reason will go to X purpose or be prepared to repay every cent if you decide to change your mind about how said funds will be spent.

    The reality is that Mike talks money often. Let's pay for this, buy this at my online store, help me with funds to do such and such, let's talk about a class action lawsuit...etc. That's going to raise a few eyebrows. If he's going to take people's money he has a greater responsibility to provide explanation, verification or assurance. That's just the way it goes when you start talking donations. If he isn't able to maintain a degree of distance between himself and his cause and is likely to change track suddenly without warning then obviously he isn't a good person to manage anybody's donations. And if he needs funding, then perhaps he could stick with encouraging people to donate to silentlambs to help people in his situation and be a recipient as opposed to a funds "manager", if you will. If he intends to be a recipient, perhaps he could go the extra mile to assure people that the donations they give will actually go to the effort they believe they are supporting. And if he can no longer do something in good faith, I believe he should be the first person to hand people their money back with his gratitude and explain there has been a change of plans. People shouldn't have to chase him down for refunds from their heartfelt gestures because he's gone off and changed his mind! Of course, I still think that he'd do better to just NOT ask people for money in the first place so he doesn't have to refund money for changing travel plans or for not actually making use of a press release or what have you.

    Like I said, he could be a great guy, but he looks like a scammer. I'm not saying he is, because I don't know him. I'm saying that's how he LOOKS. Maybe he just gets ahead of himself, I really don't know. But obviously the money thing is an issue. A big one! It certainly dampens his credibility, so maybe he should drop that end of things entirely and just focus on contributing his thoughts and ideas instead of collecting funds for whatever project he feels is important. Especially if he isn't particularly reliable or is prone to mood swings which alter his plans. So, maybe as his friends you could tell him to stop with the money collecting, it's going to ruin his image. I hope he does okay in his life, especially if he's even half the person you say he is.

  • detective

    To Dave,

    thank you for saying that, it was a nice thing to read!

  • Mister 8iggs
    Mister 8iggs


    Thank you for summing up everything in such a reasonable, well-thought post.

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