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  • scumrat

    Sorry Yadirf, please refrain from reading my posts if they offend you.

  • scumrat

    there you go again crazy151drinker. Too F%@@$# funny. sorry about the previous typo.

  • LB

    I just found this thread. I did get a laugh out of YK topic this time.

  • obiefernandez


    I do not believe that the Watchtower or anyone in charge at Bethel is working for personal material gain (other than keeping their lifestyle), and. I don't think that the view you described is widely held by apostates either.


  • You Know
    You Know

    Dubula said

    it wasnt offensive to me personally either (yk has to be taken with a grain of salt at all times).......but i imagine it could be extremely offensive to the actual victims, given that hes outright mocked the abused children here.

    Are you saying that Bill Bowen is the victim of child abuse? I had no idea. That changes everything. No wonder the merchandise department hasn't gotten back to me yet on my Bill Bowen action figure idea. / You Know

  • Crazy151drinker

    What? YK, I was under the impression that you liked dolls of little boys?? One would think that you would have ordered a couple of cases worth......

  • COMF

    You Know action figure:

    Boxed set includes configurable "You Know" figure in torn undershirt and polkadot shorts. "Functional" computer and keyboard, with desk covered with empty Dr. Pepper 2-liters and Domino Pizza boxes.. Type "You Know" on keyboard and it appears onscreen; figure begins drooling. VCR/TV (sold separately) plays scenes from Apocalypse Now as figure bares its teeth in a ghastly grin and begins masturbating.

  • You Know
    You Know

    COMF, Why don't you run your YK action figure idea by the SilentLambs merchandising department, maybe they'll go for it? You never know. / You Know

  • You Know
    You Know


    Just one last thought on another marketing angle. Since Mr. Bill is in the candle stick business too, perhaps Silentlambs Inc marketing division could come out with a line of wax candle replicas of various GB figures. After the parade up Columbia Heights you could stage a candlelight vigil where everone lights the wicks of their GB effigys and then hold hands in the errie glow and watch them slowly melt.

    / You Know

  • Europe

    Yeah boy, it's OKAY for apostates to mock the WTS, but then when it comes to a JW giving an apostate a bit of his own medicine it's such a TERRIBLE "defamatory" thing to have done.


    No it's not always okay, but you have no reason (yet) to lash out to Bill Bowen (at least he is trying to make right what your precious organization did and still does wrong, hiding phaedophiles) other then being your usual self and showing off your typically cult behavior especially point 4 and 6 :

    1. Speaking of adversaries or outsiders ( e.g., conservatives, liberals, yuppies, blue-collar, rich, poor) as if they were all the same; characterising them by negative traits only; attributing unflattering motives to them but not to yourself.

    2. Lacking interest and information concerning the actual statements and actions of opponents or outsiders.

    3. Failing to consider the possible validity of an adversary's point of view.

    4. Not taking a critical look at one's own position.

    5. Disapproving or rejecting a member of one's group for departing from the group position, devaluing the dissident, regarding him or her as an annoyance or a problem.

    6. Feeling self-righteous.

    And I think that 'apostates' have reason enough to mock your WTS, dont you think so? And I'm glad these people 'mock' as that means they're not brainwashed anymore! Halleluja!!!

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