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  • You Know
    You Know

    Dear Mister Bill, August 20, 2001

    In your Silent Lambs Inc. recruiting letter yesterday, you posted several job positions that I may be interested in; namely, under the department responsible for

    1. Develop and design merchandise to be offered through silentlambs.
    2. Responsible to coordinate sales and shipping for merchandise.
    3. Negotiate competitive pricing for such materials.
    4. Responsible for approval of posters and banners used to represent silentlambs.
    5. Responsible to train assistants how to do your job.

    I have some ideas that I would like to bounce off of you. The Silent Smurf doll idea is good, but what I had in mind is a Bill Bowen action figure with tiny little battered sheep figurines that the action hero could protect with his staff. You could even start a weekly comic book with the exploits of the Silent Lambs super-hero taking on the evil Watchtower fortress. Really, the sky's the limit on this thing when you look at the numbers.

    / You Know

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  • ApagaLaLuz

    I appreciate the satire in this post. I'm sure this will be a controversial subject. I respect Bill a great deal and appreciate his efforts. However I laughed out loud at the sarcasm. Lord knows I love some good sarcasm


  • hawkaw


    Please - take a break from this.

    Go get a coffee or something.

    You are really going to upset a lot of advocates and victims who have been brutilized by this corportation.

    I strongly advise you to slow down.

    There is making fun of people and then there is egging them on and hurting them.

    Just go. Find some new stuff in the stock market that shows a pending crash or something. Just think about what you are doing.


  • SixofNine


    Watchtower style quoting lives!

  • dubla


    i, believe it or not, completely understand your point about the possibility that some people may simply jump on the bill bowen bandwagon because of their hatred for the wt. i understand your point, but mocking his movement on a public forum, where many of the victims regularly read and participate, is just cruel. whether or not you believe bill is sincere in his work, the fact remains that he has helped many, and continues to fight for the victims. the wt and its policies are the reason many of these children have been victimized, and you yourself have admitted as much, so its natural for this fight to be against the wt, in order to educate people of the dangers of the cult mentality.....the danger their children may be in. this fight poses an obvious problem for you, as you seek to defend your precious wt.....but in the meantime, mocking the work he has done, and the help he has given and continues to give, is just hurtful to the real victims. "battered sheep figurines"? come on man, those are abused children you are mocking......have a heart, and continue your crusade in another manner.


  • JanH

    < === Reluctantly admitting he laughed

    - Jan

  • Celia

    What about a Ted Jaracz figurine standing on top of a Tower, throwing NWT Bibles, Watchtowers and Awakes at the march participants down below....

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  • Crazy151drinker

    Also available is this 12" YOU KNOW APOSTATE SMURF!

    Pull the String and it says:

    I live in your toilet!

    It was the victims fault!

    Im a bigot!

    Hmmmm lets make it 23,000 and one....

    The End is Here!

    Where did I put my UN Card

    Im Satan's Bitch

    Get your YOU KNOW APOSTATE SMURF today!

    *YOU KNOW APOSTATE SMURF toilet not included*

  • ashitaka

    I think mocking the cause is wrong, but if YK has a prob with Bill, so be it. He's entitled.

    I laughed, too. It was funny.


  • simwitness

    It would be much easier to promote a "Bill Bowen Action" figure, than to defend a JW/GB INACTION figure!

    But, I must say that You Know's constant "Bill is out for selfish gains" mentality to be fraudulant at best, and the only intention that he has with that mentality is to try and divert attention from the effort itself.

    You Know,

    Please provide one scrap of evidence to support your theory that Bill (or anyone that supports the SilentLambs movement) is out for Selfish gains. Please Prove that there intentions are anything but honerable in thier fight to bring some "change" to the WTBS, and or support to those that are victims.

    Actually, nevermind. We already know that you cannot. You have yet to prove anything that you have ever stated.

    Have a nice day!

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