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  • Eric


    Why are JW offenders NOT REGISTERED!

    I'll have to wait to see the program, but I agree that the format strategy is a good one. Maybe this will be seen by someone who will ask for the 23,000 odd pedo-files in Brooklyn to be opened to proper legal investigation and who will have the authority to not take no for an answer!


    I recall when your initial efforts were ridiculed by one rabid JW supporter on this board as small potatoes because your news coverage was small-town Pedukah newspaper.

    Well it is big-time now, You Know, CNN, NBC, BBC, New York Times. So stuff a sock in it, You Know! And way to go, Bill.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    This is called strategy at its finest.

    NOW instead of "worldy" people looking at a JW thing on the news, it will be ALL VIEWERS looking at a "LAW" thing on the news. Why are JW offenders NOT REGISTERED!

    It brings it into "REALITY"for the rest of the countryin a way that the rest of the country can RELATE to.


    You are TOTALLY Right On Target!! I'm in the biz and this IS 'strategy at its finest'.

  • silentlambs

    The pics above are the ones shot at my home with a satellite uplink to to CNN.

    The CNN spot is done. It was a ten minute interview with myself, Heidi and Amber. Connie Chung read the Watchtower statement about how much they abhor child molestation and asked ou eaction. I think you will find the comments interesting. It was a short span of time to try and say so much, but the message was delivered and once again the truth was exposed as well as who the lying hypocrites are. Amber and Heidi looked fabulous and spoke just as well. They made a courageous statement for all that have been harmed by WT policy.

  • Tanalyst

    How much are the Tshirts?

    Bill you're doing it the wrong way. After one's df'd, one's supposed to quietly go away and die a spiritual death. You ain't going nowhere. You ain't stoppin till they change policy! Had Wt. been humble, they could have avoided this.

  • meyer

    Hey everyone!

    Bill - let me know when you get a chance to SEE the interview, okay? You did a great job and I think that a lot of people are starting to see the problem. I would never had had an opportunity like this to speak out if it wasn't for your courage, and Amber and I both appreciate it. Thank you from both of us. Also, we wanted to wish you an extraordinarily happy birthday tomorrow. Don't let getting disfellowshipped stop you from feeling special.

    To the rest of you - thanks for your ongoing interest in the stories! It gives victims the courage to speak out knowing there are throngs of compassionate people out there who support them. All the best!


  • Gopher

    Amber, Heidi and Bill:

    What a fine job you did, given the short time of the segment! The answers had to be pointed and meaningful, and you sure accomplished that! Kudos for your courage and also for the way you handled yourselves during the interview. (Was it that Theocratic Ministry School training??? --- if so, use that training against them since they're being such liars!!)


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  • Pistoff

    meyer............SO glad to see ya here!

    girl, you did such a fine job.......and amber and bill.......i just walked away from the tv smiling, it was so well done. I am so proud of the sacrifices you have made and continue to make.

    Has the fam seen it yet? how about your favorite uncle in florida LOL???

    I haven't heard from him in a while.......letting it sink in

    love ya, ya did great


  • LB

    Glad you made it here Heidi. You've fine that 99% of the users here will give you tons of support. They've even given it to me. Ignore the morons that are bound to surface.

    You're a brave young lady. We are all grateful to you and those that are bringing this problem to the forefront.

  • patio34

    Bill! Thanks for posting a link to the pics--they're a hoot! Wrong religion LOL!

    Heidi--so glad you could join us and your courage in stepping forward for what's right and battling the giant is very admirable. Glad to make your acquaintance.


  • Michael3000


    I usually watch O' Reilly on FOXNEWS and Hannity/Colmes. I will tune in and hope that FOXNEWS takes CNN's lead and get's this in the 'no-spin zone' that FOX is famous for...and SOON.

    Uh... I REALLY hope you just saying that to be funny. You can't be serious.

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