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  • AjaxMan

    ALRIGHT, BILL!!!!!!

    Now that will give the GB, the Bethelites, the Overseers and Elders plenty of Maalox moments and sleepless nights. Well... now I wonder what the average JW (especially here in America and in the UK) will say when a potential recruit will ask them questions about the topic. Of course, the "It's all lies" line will grow old and stale sooner or later.

    Good job, Bill!



  • jelly

    I would love to see one of the governing body on the O'Reily factor. Bill would rip them a new one.


  • LDH


    If this was the Dark Ages, you would have been knighted by now.

    Your detractors are egg-sucking dogs.


    (PS Tanalyst, I remember that, I am LMAO.)

  • TR

    Crap. I'll be at the lake. Oh well, I'll set the VCR.


  • Farkel


    : . She lost her job shortly after that.

    She asked the right question and got the right answer, and then got fired! Of course, we all know who was running the White House when that interview was conducted!

    While Connie is known as a somewhat vacuous person who's not well-rounded nor quick on her feet, she's great with a script or a set of good questions in her hand. More importantly for the silentlambs, she a big name and draws crowds.

    It's a big plus for Bill to have had the opportunity to do that interview. It puts even more teeth in the issue and informs even more people about Watchtower evil.

    Thanks for all your hard efforts and sacrifices, Bill and Sheila.


  • wasasister

    Trying to figure out: Central Standard Time. Most of the country is still on Daylight time. I know there is part of the midwest which does not go on daylight time. Could someone please do a time-zone breakdown?


  • Farkel


    : I know there is part of the midwest which does not go on daylight time.

    I believe there are only two states that do not go on daylight time: Hawaii and Arizona. At least I KNOW those two states don't.


  • wasasister

    Thank you, Jesus! I finally lived to see the day I knew something Farkel didn't! Let me savor the moment....Ahhhhhhh. I wish I smoked....

    Parts of Indiana do not change to Daylight savings time. It confuses the cows and chickens. I was there, I know this. I think there are other chuncks of farm states where they do not observe the change. Confusing as hell when trying to make arrival and departure arrangements! "Now is that East Indiana time, or West Indiana time???"


    The All-Knowing Wasa

  • sf

    Well, I am off to bed now. I will certainly be resting peacefully and anxious for tomorrow to get here.

    The t.v. will be on CNN instead of FOXNEWS tomorrow to watch for previews; all day. Surely, I will WITNESS at least one preview tomorrow.

    TED: Kettle-Korn is now available in ready-made-bags. Enjoy the show! WE WILL!!

    sKally, San Fernando Valley ex jw, you remember da valley girls, eh, TED?

  • Reborn2002

    Forget the Kettle-Korn LOL.

    Between the New York Times on Sunday and the Connie Chung interview on Wednesday.. in a span of three days the JDubs have gotten some HORRIBLE publicity that has reached and will reach MILLIONS of people.

    I do not think the Governing Body members need Kettle-Korn. I would recommend some Depends adult diapers because they are about to shit a brick!

    And all the King's Horsemen and all the King's Men, could not put Watchtower together again...

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