NEW YORK TIMES SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • bluesapphire

    GREAT! Got my copy at Starbucks too. Now let's hope that the rest of the media picks up this story and it flies. Wouldn't it be great to get front page of Newsweek!

  • RandomTask

    Just wanted to add that my local paper also picked up the story for its Sunday edition. I don't know what page it was on, but here's the online link:

  • LB

    My entire opinion of these events have changed over the past few weeks. I mean I honestly didn't think these events would become public and then I thought they would be buried deeper than Dear Abbys column.

    Now here I am, with my laminated copy of the New York Times on my desk sitting out in the open for all to see. I have a video copy of dateline sitting next to the VCR and I'm wondering what the next car group to come by is going to think of all this.

    Can't wait to see what the activists have in mind next.

  • hawkaw


    What is next.

    Well unless I missed something Bill is going to the UK on the 13th of September to speak and then later in the month is the march.

    On the court front - all cases are moving forward. Vicki Boers case has past pre-trial and now is going to trial on September 9, 2002 for at least two weeks.

    Yes the press knows and yes there is much more to come and that includes for us Canadian people. Will it be as big? I don't know but the press front and court fronts moves forward.

    If I could offer some advice to the WTS (and I know they wont take it) but .... now is the time to print the "mea culpa" JW press release or the leadership is really going to get it.


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