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  • dannyboy


    You're a good man, buddy. Hang in there.

    The responses above that are thoughtful, loving, kind, sensitive, and feeling really show that there's lots of folks around here who really do care, who "get it", and can identify with the type of pain you're feeling. Folks that know only too well how rotten things like this can happen. Even though you've lost a lot of "friends" in your break with the dubs, you're not alone by any means.

    As others have suggested, your daughter may "come around" one day. My two cents: There seems little benefit in doing anything today/now that would make that future change of heart more difficult for her.

    Your friend, Dan


    My God...I just came back online after a rough night. I never expected this kind of response. I haven't read all your responses yet and I just looked and saw all the emails. Thank you and I will get back to all of you. Seems there's more love and caring among the "worldly" group than the great new order. Thank you again.


  • amac

    Bonezz -

    I'm very sorry to hear about your predicament. I haven't read all the responses, but I agree with the few I have read that have encouraged you to not lash back by not involving yourself in her wedding. If taking pictures all she will let you do, then do it and be happy for your daughter and that you can be there.

    Somehow, whether in person or in writing, I would definitely express to her (with plenty of time BEFORE the wedding) how important it is to you to walk her down the aisle and how it is something you have looked forward to for however long. Maybe even reason with her that it is not much more than taking pictures as far as involvement goes.

    In any event, I hope she changes her mind, and if not, I hope you can still enjoy her wedding.


    I just cannot say Thank You enough to all of you. At this point in time, I'm probably going to attend the ceremony. She is going to let me be in the pictures and I did promist to video-tape the event. I know why she chose to walk alone. It's definetly because of the 200 dubbies that will be there. If I were to walk her down the aisle it would be showing them that she still put me on a level with them...a family level and we all know who replaces the biological family...why of course it's the loving Brotherhood that is their true family. I know I felt that way once. And yes I am partly to blame because I raised her that way. Like some of you suggested, I may write her a letter and remind her of a few family memories. She's pretty hard core so I don't think she'll change anytime soon but I can hope for the future I guess. From many of the comments I know a lot of you have suffered worse and I'm very sad for you. I hope I am able someday to give comfort to someone who needs it. And of course I have to reply to good ol' YOUKNOWITALL. It seems to me that YouKnow would know that when people are hurt deeply they sometimes strike out and say things they of course would not carry out. And to prove it, I'll give you my address to YouKnow so he can be the next dubbie to come to my door. I believe I know you YouKnow. I was in Los Angeles once when this guy was threatening to jump off a highrise building and there was this one guy down below that was yelling for him to "Jump". That was you wasn't it? I guess it's all that good training they give you in the Brotherhood or as I call it, the Theocratic Mafia. Best to all the rest of you thanks again.


  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    hee hee, "theocratic mafia" ... glad you're feeling better

  • TheStar


    I saw this thread late. I just wanted to express how sorry I am you have to go through this. I wish you the best and hope it all works out with your daughter.

  • teenyuck


    I am so sorry! Your daughter will regret this someday. Believe me.


  • Derrick

    You Know, consider that you should might try a more scriptural approach in responding (or humbly maintaining silence) to whomever posted implications they would kill JWs who came to their door.

    I was deeply troubled and appalled by that post. However, someone who claims they are annointed such as yourself should connect your proverbial fire hose to a fire hydrant and not an oil tanker. Your responses could have been loving; for example, those threatening to murder Jesus and his disciples were met with loving responses and prayer to Jehovah for their repentance.


  • LB

    Bonezz when I was first here I got a lot of support. After a couple of pages of support here comes You Know yelling for me to jump too. He's a piece of garbage and a sad excuse for a human being. Can you imagine how he must feel? He goes through life making everyone around him miserable and can't even find love in his own organization. One of these days we'll read about some lunatic walking into a kingdom hall and opening up with a shotgun. It will be him I'll wager. Not an "apostate". He seems to have the mindset for someone about to go over the edge.

    You have a really good attitude about your dissapointment. Your daughter will regret doing this eventually especially since you ARE showing her unconditional love. That's what being a dad is all about I think.

  • Reborn2002


    I believe the general concensus of the board sans YouKnow and any other sociopathic cult apologists is that you are a person who is suffering needlessly due to the practices and policies of the Jehovah's Witness organization.

    YouKnow allows his heartless comments to demonstrate just how loving the Watchtower cult can be. If he is to be one of their Anointed, what kind of example is he setting for the remainder of those in their congregations?

    Even worse yet, if he was to be one whom would imitate Jesus, is his comment one that showed love and concern for you in a time of pain and heartache because of the division of your family? Or is it one that is exploiting grammar syntax and language to suit his own agenda? Yes, he is a WT apologist at it's finest.

    My heart goes out to you BONEZZ, I too know what it is like to suffer from losing family in one way or another.


    Robert, your pathetic.

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