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    Hmmmm.......I think You Know is going through a personal crisis now.

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    SOOOOOOOOOOO sorry hun!!!!




    It's funny. I keep checking back and I am still astonished of the support I've received from people who I don't personally know....and THEY talk about THEIR Brotherhood. THEY have a lot to learn...but of course we know THEY'RE too hypocritical to admit THEY could be wrong about anything. The Brotherhood on this board is real...from real people who have suffered at the hands of the bogus Brotherhood. Thank you all (with exception of one, YouKnow who that is). You have shown more love and caring that I could have hoped for.


  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Hey Bonezz. I don't know how I missed this post, but better late than never. My heart goes out to you and many like you in that same situation. I 'm glad to hear that you made a choice to go to the wedding and to tape it. To miss such a wonderful event as your daughters wedding would be terrible. I wish the best for you in the future. Back when I lived in Ct. and I was in the Borg, my friend's(at the time) daughter married a guy who's parents had DA'ed them selves some time earlier. The wedding was planned many months in advance, so the DA'ed parents had time to get back in so they could be a part of the wedding. I was asked to tape the wedding and reception, and I recently watched it with my wife. When they showed the mother dancing with her son it was just heart breaking to see her crying. Most thought they were tears of joy, even I did at the time. Upon reviewing it however, and with the knowledge that soon after the wedding they both sent another letter DA'ing themselves, I realized she was crying because she knew that after the wedding it would go back to them being forgotten and shunned. She has a grandson now that she has never met in person and that was over 8 years ago. Your situation sounds like your not DA'ed or DF'ed so at least you'll be there and hopefully if grandchildren are in the future, you'll be able to be a part of their life. I really am sorry that it can't be any more normal than it is. Hang in there and feel free to vent here anytime. CC


  • PandaJ
    Panda, to exonerate the Watchtower in any manner in their quest to rip families apart is reprehensible. At one time, we were all duped into believing this cult was the truth. We have grown and learned what they are. Many of our loved ones have not. But, to encourage a daughter to deny her father his right, one you look forward to your entire life from their birth, simply because you no longer wish to be in that cult, is abominable.

    Perhaps you have a reading comprehension problem. Having taught your children something their entire life, then you decide, "Okay, I don't believe this anymore, and now you can't believe in it anymore." is not the way the world works. Yes, it sucks that he can't be in his daughters wedding and I don't agree with it, but to comfort him like he is just totally an innocent victim is stupid in my opinion. He made the decision to be a JW, he made the decision to raise his children as JW's, just like he made the decision to stop being a JW. He made these decisions and he is getting results from them.

    Should we all become good little brainwashed dubbies again so we may have the love of our families?

    Depends on which is more important to you, having religious freedom or spending your life with your family. This is why I believe a lot of people stay as JW's even though they don't believe. They would rather give up their religious freedom than lose their loved ones. Am I saying this is right on any level? No.

    What I am bringing to attention is that he raised his child to do exactly what she is doing, and now she is doing it, and he is acting like an innocent victim.

    Regardless of religious beliefs, a father is entitled to walk his daughter down the aisle.

    Apparently not. Go ahead and make me out to be the bad guy. I am not agreeing with what is happening, I just understand why it is.


  • PandaJ

    Robert King?

    Now we have a name, how about a location? Some of us might like the opportunity to "adjust" Robert King's thinking.

    Just an idle thought.


    Great work in supporting his post.

    "Let's find out where he lives so we can hurt him, so he will stop lying and saying we have the capability of hurting people!"

    i.e. "I kill anyone who thinks violence solves anything."


  • mommy1


    I really feel you. My Mom went through a really rough time when my Brother got married a few months ago. His fiance didn't want my mom to even go to the wedding. She sent a letter to my Mom Basically saying she didn't want anything to do with my Mom except if my Mom needed help. My Brother called her and really wanted her to be at the wedding so she went for him.

    I talked to my Brother other day and he said my stepmom didn't want my Mom at the wedding and even had talked to the Elders about it. They approached my brother and he said theysaid we could go but not reception. Your Daughter might be being pressured by Elder's. They like to push the knife a little deeper. Try to go if you can, I went to my brother's wedding with my mom. We even made up a little code if we were loosing it. I had to tell my Mom a couple of times during the wedding it's just one day, we are here for your son. I have never been so proud of my mom in my whole life. She sat there with dignity and grace. I hope you can go with someone who can be a support for you. Take care of yourself .

  • blacksheep

    I'm stunned. I'm dealing with my own JW family hangups, but I cannot imagine what hurt your daughter's decision must cause you. What good can possibly come from her not allowing you the privilege any father of a daughter would look forward to? I've skimmed a lot of the responses, including your replies. You sound like a very healthy person and are accepting this like the much bigger person that you are (bigger than the JWs). I wish this kind of overt family destruction could be exposed to the world at large. The JWs are such hypocrites when it comes to their notions of "love." What your daughter's been brainwashed to do is a good example of this....

    Anyway, all I can say is that deep down, it's your daughter's loss. As she walks down the aisle alone and has to live with that reality for the rest of her life, hopefully somewhere at some point in time an emotional chord will strike. I mean, I've known women who were devasted that their dear fathers were no longer living to give them away...here she has a very loving father who she's painfully shunning and depriving simply because of man-made beliefs. She'll have to live with that. Although I'm not remotely suggesting you wish her any ill will, that's the only thing I can offer. I know when my JW family seems to lack a heart, that's the only philosophical conclusion I can come to. Well, I'm probably not much help here.

    You sound like a great, loving father. This religion makes me so angry.

    Take care....and know that there are others out there who share your pain...


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