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  • TR


    I don't know what to say. This is sick. I am so sorry, man. I can just imagine the sort of 'hovah peer pressure she's getting to not have you there. Absolutely sick. Hopefully, in the future, your daughter will see the mistake she made and make it up to you somehow.


  • Tammie


    I'm so sorry to hear that. I remember when I got married my dad refused to attend my wedding. And also refused to walk me down the isle. He is not a JW by the way, and never has been. So I can understand the "pain" you are going through. I was just at the other end of the stick.

  • DakotaRed

    Bonezz, this really breaks my heart. My oldest daughter was married while I was dub and I let those same bastards talk me out of walking her down the aisle. As a fellow Dad, I know the hurt and anguish you are feeling. That is a moment we can never reclaim.

    When my second daughter was married, I said screw them and walked her down the aisle.

    Fortunately for me, my oldest daughter and I have a great relationship and she understands. She is also tickled to have me out of the dubs and getting back to a normal Dad.

    Hearing accounts as yours just sickens me. My email is open if you need someone to talk to.

    Lew W

  • outoftheorg

    Hello Bonezz.

    It breaks my heart to hear your cry of pain. Dam this cult!

    I think Sabine and Blondie and the others all had good advice. Definitely check in with your therapist.

    If you go and show your love now, no one can fault you now or in the future. It will make it easier on your daughter to handle in the future as she grows up and begins to see things differently.

    She may have a change of heart so set the groundwork now. Be the person better than all the rest.

  • witchywoman

    Bonezz, I am so sorry. I don`t think these young people realize how important that they are to us. My jw daughter allowed me to come to her wedding, I was so happy for her. I had tears to see her looking so beautiful and gorgeous. Being dsfspd I was happy to be there, she originaly did not want me there. It was lovely until I saw her stepmother walking down the isle in her mothers place. I had to leave, I was weak. I contained myself and returned to my seat, but the tears were flowing and I could not stop them.

    Does she know how you feel? Be sure and tell her how important this is to you. She has no idea what kind of pain she is causing to you.

    I am so sorry.


  • SpiderMonkey


    I've never been in your situation, but my father has... He helped pay for the wedding of my older brother and fully paid for the wedding of my younger sister... Was invited to both weddings, but neither reception... And was not asked to walk my sister down the aisle. To paraphrase his words, he quit having anything to do with either of them while he was sitting at my sister's wedding. I have only seen him cry twice in my life; once was when he was talking about that, and he asked if we could just stop talking about it ("Haven't we hurt enough?" I think he said). This is one of the truly heartbreaking things about the travesty of disfellowshipping; my heart goes out to you.

  • Pistoff

    Bonezz i am so sorry for your situation.
    My brother was df'd for some time, but even after reinstated his daughter would not even tell him where her wedding was going to be.
    In his case the dipshit exwife poisoned the kids against him, but even so.......so much for christian forgiveness and giving our family due consideration.
    The way "weak" or "strayed" members are viewed astounds me; rather than being viewed even as well as interested ones, they are just crapped on. No respect for years of faithfully attending, no nothing. Just what have you done for "Jehovah" lately?
    More accurately, what have you done lately for the org....


    you do not deserve this treatment

  • LB

    Bonezz I am with Sabine on this one. Call her up, tell her you love her with all your heart and will always be there for her. That her happiness is foremost in your heart and mind.

    Then go kick the dog and vent all you want. I don't blame you for being pissed. I'd go nuts too if I had a daughter. Show her the unconditional love she will never receive at that hall. Who knows, it may have the necessary effect to get her away from them one day. Prove to her that the dubs are wrong, that there is love outside of the watchtower god they worship.

  • PandaJ

    Perhaps you are reaping what you have sown?

    Not trying to be mean, but if you raised your child as JW her whole life, you raised her to act exactly as she is. I am not saying you are totally to blame, but just because you decided to leave the JW's doesn't mean everyone else you know is required to do it, or throw away their beliefs, especially ones that you taught them.

    I don't know your exact situation, so if this doesn't apply to you, sorry.

  • Undecided


    That would make me hit bottom also, I can hardly imagine how that made you feel. I was lucky, I left before my daughter was born and the Borg had no effect on her. Some of my relatives didn't attend my daughters wedding because it was held in a church, but I didn't care, it was their loss not mine.

    Let's hope that in the future she will see the light and realize her mistake.

    Ken P.

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