Dallas Apostapics..Even More!

by Valis 100 Replies latest jw friends

  • Tinkerbell4125

    Never laughing so hard!!!!!!

    This has KILLED me!

    I'm just sick that I missed it! The pic's of everyone was great!!! This just made me want to meet you all the more!!!! Let me and CC know next time you have one, K????

  • waiting


    Thanks for sharing ALL those photos! Great idea, obviously a great time, and great *association* for all.

    It's good for us too -seeing "oh, so THAT'S what..........looks like!" And all the smiles

    Congratulations to y'all!


  • Naeblis

    So the apostates finally get together and what happens?? Overdrinking and drug use. figures!! So sad..

  • simplesally

    When I called on one of the partier's cell phones, I was told they were all in the middle of an orgy!!

    Yessiree, thats what he said!! After all, they are all apostates, ya know! Thats what they all do when they aren't smoking, drinking and doing drugs.

  • Naeblis

    What about aborting babies. No party is complete without some aborted babies.

  • eyegirl

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! you texans sure know how to party. can't tell you all what a great time i had and how happy i am that i could make it. this was definitely worth the trip from MN. the company was great, beer was cold and the red meat rocked--could it get any better? i think the only was is if my sister coulda been there too. next time i'm kidnapping her thank you travis for your kind hospitality and elsewhere for picking me up at the airport. also cowboy for the awesome steaks and carting us around on sunday can't wait to come down again, and remember, if anyone is adventurous enough to venture north................you're always welcome here. see you all soon!!!


  • SixofNine

    They don't call Veni the love doctor for nuthin' Naeblis.

    I'm a dead man for saying that.

  • slipnslidemaster

    Slippy so sad. Missed all of the fun. Should have gone....

    Xena, marry me.

    But the real question that I have is, did anyone hook up down there (and you know what I mean)?

  • eyegirl

    i hooked up with a couple of smurfs--didn't you see the pics??!?!?

  • Xena

    hhhmmm Slip the first JW.com marriage? Would we have Simon marry us? Who to have as bridesmaids???

    missed ya Slip!!!!

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