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  • COMF
    why live your life saying you right their wrong its not worth it

    You'd be talking about anybody else but JWs here, right, Irish? I mean, when those magazines come out condemning Catholics and Baptists and all those other religions, you're right out there hawking them door to door, right?

  • siegswife

    You Know, According to John 16:2, Jesus said that 'everyone that kills you will imagine he has rendered sacred service to God'.

    It seems to me that those who do the killing will more likely be rabid fundamentalists of the religious persuasion, rather than those who JW's classify as 'apostates'.

    It stands to reason then, that the true 'apostates' are those who believe they know God's will and claim to be His representatives, no?

  • You Know
    You Know
    It seems to me that those who do the killing will more likely be rabid fundamentalists of the religious persuasion

    Not necessarily. Religious fanatics have always been disposed to kill others, but Jesus made no mention of the religious connection at Mark 13, which is part of the sign of the parousia. Jesus merely said that brothers would betray brothers, and parents children, and that children would also have their parents put to death. At any rate, we shouldn't have too much longer to wait to find out how things are going to go down. Look at Uruguay. It used to be considered a very stable country. As far as its banking system it was called the 'Switzerland of South America.' Yet, practically overnight it's currency collapsed and the government has closed down the banks, which has resulted in rioting and looting. That is just a very insignificant example on a small scale of how quickly things can change and how otherwise law abiding citizens can be transformed into desperate mobs. / You Know


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  • Pistoff

    YK's posts have the ranting quality of the WT writers on a bad day, and when he posts them, he does not have the benefit of a few poor sisters and brothers from Writing to proofread and red mark them, so they just come out willy nilly.
    The problem is, they sound so much like the old WT we are used to that it invokes a kneejerk reaction within us, and we feel obligated to defend ourselves. We spent a whole lifetime shutting up when preached at by nonsense, and so we overreact when our subconscious brain thinks we are still IN THE BORG.
    simple, huh?

    sorry to break your spell, YK

  • You Know
    You Know


    The problem is, they sound so much like the old WT we are used to that it invokes a kneejerk reaction within us, and we feel obligated to defend ourselves.

    What's worse, though, for you, is that you are not able to successfully defend yourselves even when you try. LOL / You Know

  • plmkrzy


    After reading you anitial post I was all reved up and ready to post a reply but it should make your day to know after reading three pages of this I just don't give a s**t anymore.

  • avengers
    Under the right circumstances, then, those who are glutted with Watchtower scandal; who have experienced shipwreck as regards their faith, may find that their seething hatred of the Watchtower and Jehovah's Witnesses erupts into outright murder when Jehovah allows the demons their final romp during the last hour. / You Know

  • siegswife

    If there is no religious connection, what do apostate dubs have to do with it?

    It seems to me that Mark does[ make a religious connection. From Mark 13:9 down to 13:13, he is telling his followers how to expect to be treated. He tells them that they'll be beaten in synogogues, taken to court, have to stand before kings, etc. He then says "furthermore brother will deliver brother, etc. and you will be objects of hatred by all people on account of my name."

    I don't see how you can claim that the things stated in Mark are not faith related. I don't see how you can so easily discount the words in John as having no connection to this either.

    I think the hateful behavior is more likely to come from Dubs in good standing with the apostate WTS than ex dubs. For example, why would an agnostic or atheist (which includes many ex dubs) believe they are 'rendering sacred service to God'?


    Blah-Blah-Blah and Blah-Blah-Blah....So YK, where`s the $100.00 you were supposed to send Simon,on the bet you made and lost?There was no economic collapse,or war due to economic collapse,by the end of Oct.2001 like you predicted,bet on,and lost.Now your back on the board blithering about more stupidity.You constantly bring attention to yourself with these retarted threads as though your some kind of Intellectual and spiritual example.You`ve never been right and your word is no good.You stand as a shining example of fresh,steaming bullshit.Don`t you want something better out of life for yourself?For starters,just try being honest.I know its a big step for you,but give it a try...OUTLAW

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  • sunshineToo

    You Know, you lost on a bet? You Know, do you think the WTS is apostate? Is that what you are trying to tell us?

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