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  • sunshineToo

    You Know,

    What are some of the apostacies today? I'm sure you're not thinking of the Silentlambs because I've read your posts before.

    If you talk to the elders or COs about your views, do you think you're going to be considered as an apostate by them?

    By the way it's good to see you again. I've been wondering where you have been.

  • Valis

    YOU KNOW <----click me This has to be the stupidest thing you ever posted, and just when I was beginning to agree with others here that you actually serve a purpose. You fail to realize that we Apostates learn to really start loving people only when we leave the borg. There is no interest in being violent to the WTBS...they are delusional just like you and should be pitied if anything. Thant is not to say I would not personally like to smack some sense into you, but your about as big a waste of time as it comes and I would probably end up with a guilty conscience afterwards....so much for trying to be nice huh?


    District Overbeer

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    "LOL. That's hilarious. It's always amusing to me when apostate Dubs resort to quoting the Watchtower, as if that had any bearing upon how the prophecies may yet unfold. / You Know"

    So, You Know, You are saying that your statements about Mark 13:12 is the true interpretation and that the WTS's interpretation is not correct and we are all Ninnies for quoting the WTS in our discussions with you?

    I want to apologize for jumping down your back and saying the things I have said to you in the past. I thought you were a JDUB. I had no idea you were an apostate. I'll approach your posts with a different view from now on. Have a good Sunday.


  • devils_chiefadvocate

    You Know,

    I like the way you talk in circles there on ya last one...impose on you like tyranny....so I see that you give the dubs a break if they take blood...No they are still reguired to do the samethings as a Dfed person to get back in good graces...so that tells me that the borg says you cant..Like you the watchtower gives the view it wants you to have..then tells you not to read any further ...Why because then you would see there uhhh confused...yes people die from taken bad blood...people also die from not taken blood...the issue can be argued both ways and both could have plenty of medical professionals to back there opinion....

    And by the way if u spoke to your elders bout the views u have,,,you would be on the outside looking in...


    YK,why do you bother with these dreary posts? You haven`t been right yet,your track record is perfect.Why not post about something you actually know about?Your critisisim of WBTS(by WBTS standards) is apostate,pure and simple.The truth is you look very foolish ranting about apostates,when by your own words you identify yourself as one.Better to remain silent and look foolish,than to open your mouth and remove all doubt...OUTLAW

  • COMF

    Robert is waiting for the sequel to Tori Amos' "Boys for Pele". He envisions it entitled, "Boys and Girls for Jehovah".

  • outoftheorg

    Can anyone explain how this arrogant-twisted-asxxxle gets so many replies to his posts?

    All I see here is this goofus with his nonsense taking up peoples time and energy for which I can see no good cause.

  • RandomTask

    Please YK, don't waste your pearls of wisdom on us "swine". Would Jehovah approve of this waste of time? Hardly.

    Since we are already under Satanic influence then I suggest you help out your brothers and sisters with these matters, especially the elders as they are in need of the very education you offer. For best results, you should really start including this stuff into talks you give from the platform. Your brothers and sisters need this knowledge, not us.

    You have a lot of work to do!

  • COMF

    Don't worry, outoftheorg. Bobby is a minor sidewalk distraction. He's an attention junkie vying desperately against real issues which take people's focus away from him; and so he regularly makes a fool of himself in an attempt to get some more... shouting doom prophecies, implying evil all around, lusting for blood... people stop to shake their heads in a mixture of disgust and pity for a moment, then go on their way.

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  • irish00

    people die with or without blood it up to you what you belive is right to do
    jws feel taking blood is wrong Acts15 28,29 but you feel to take blood is ok thats up to you to feel this way jws have a right to feel the way they feel too if you dont like what they do dont become one or get out as i did but why live your life saying you right their wrong its not worth it get a life be happy live it go on now, may god be bless you all and he sees whats in the heart not men who think they do but we hope he can forgive us as those who hurted us lets forgive and be happy live life to the full whatever that means for you

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