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    I'm evil?! That must mean that my father, who sexually, physically, and emotionally abused me and lied about it for 20 years whilst being an elder is a good man, since he's still a JW. My mother, who physically and emotionally abused me for 20 years, is a good woman, since she's technically still a JW. The elders, who covered it up and didn't even take away my father's "privileges" until I threatened to raise holy "hell" (to use a "worldly" phrase), and who refused to answer my letter when I asked simple questions begging for help, those elders are good people because they're still JWs. Me...I'm just living simply, harming no one, being honest about my past, and just being a good person in general....I'm evil. BEWARE THE EVIL ONE!!! OK, if I'm going to die, at least I'll die happy instead of feeling like a phoney and being in pain because my good parents and the good elders are still in my face every meeting.

  • You Know
    You Know


    We were betrayed with false promises, and willingly looked like asses for years pushing this new world order. I gave up all childhood joys for it.

    The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is not the originator of the promise of a new system of things. Jesus frequently used that expression. If your faith was merely in the Watchtower than it is understandable why you were so quickly stumbled.

    My wife has suffered for it (her parents were JWs). My wife and I were "examples in the congregation". We are good people, and have been used badly.

    Take a number. Paul was slandered and abused by the Corinthian congregation. So what? That didn't make it any less God's congregation. There are all sorts of stumbling blocks and difficulties that go with being a Christian. A person with faith deals with such things successfully.

    The general thoughts of Witnesses is not to "abandon Jehovah". But, where does the actions of men and jehovah begin? According to Watchtower, sometimes these lines are purposely blurred so as to strengthen us.

    No doubt. That's why I have consistently pointed the reader to Jehovah's judgments upon his organization.

    A wicked elder is never removed? God or men?

    The 34th chapter of Ezekiel details how Jehovah will remove all the bad shepherds from posotions of oversight over his people. That shows that God is aware of those who abuse their trust and that in his due time he will, in one fell swoop, clean house. That's God's solution.

    A young man kills himself after being DF'd for smoking. His emotional pain at being abandoned for a small sin is so great he takes his life. Smoking could be remedied with love and attention, but the WT chooses expulsion, because it's less work. God or men?

    At Ezekiel 45:9 Jehovah orders his priest class to "Lift your expropriations off my people." The footnote says * "acts of expulsion." So, when once Christ physically removes from his kingdom "all persons doing lawlessness" there will be no need for the organization to make such botched attempts to keep the congregations clean by acts of explusion. That's God's solution.

    You squarely blame the Watchtower for many things, that we have seen. I understand where you are coming from there. But your theology is still Watchtower, except for a few small things you yourself have come to believe. Why not just separate yourself from the Watchtower?

    Because I know that Jehovah is not going to allow things to go on like this indefinitely. There is no doubt in my mind that there is an enormous body of Jehovah's prophetic judicial decisions that apply to us and only await God's timing until they are activated upon us.

    You call yourself a Jehovahs Witness, but you could be DF'd for many of your views. You could be shunned as many of us have, and some of us have been df'd for similar reasons...sticking up for what is right.

    As Jesus would often say: "You of little faith."

    Your Sunday morning sermon is interesting, but I don't agree. God's fulfillment could only be in love.

    You don't know Jehovah. God in fact allowed his own Son to be betrayed and handed over to death, why wouldn't he allow apostate Dubs to be used the same way?

    What miracle could come from being one of the 2 million out of 6 billion that survive a horrible catyclysm? The emotional ramifications are as horrific as your predictions. If I lived in that world, I would be sick to my stomach every day, as to God's continuing judgement. I would weep for the people who were dead. I would wail at all of the destruction and death. What emotional toll is for those 'survivors'?

    Well, the miracle will be that anyone survives, but, as the scriptures say, those who have faith in Jehovah and who call upon his name, and who endure to the end, will be saved. As for the trauma of surviving the end of the present civilization, certainly that's why Jehovah states that he will wipe every tear from the eyes of the survivors of the global holocaust.

    That's why I can't believe that judgement is imminent. The judgement (eternal death) doesn't fit the purpose (vindicating Jehovah's name). Jehovah could vindicate his name in a sign that DIDN'T kill 6 billion people, and you'd better believe people would be good boys and girls after that. He could destroy Satan and make a paradise WITHOUT killing everyone, and changing their cruel hearts with wonderful fancy. But, why the bloody sword, why always the bloody sword?

    Why the bloody sword? Because that's the way YOUR world is. Men have been slaughtering one another since the race was expelled from Eden. A global genocide is a fitting end for this bloody world. In fact, the official policy of the Anglo-American establishment is to liquidate about 80% of the world's population. So, don't blame demonized human lunacy on Jehovah. He will be fully justified in sweeping the whole mess into oblivion once the beast goes berserk. / You Know

  • COMF
    "Furthermore, brother will deliver brother over to death

    You're having a reading comprehension problem, Bob. It doesn't say "ex-brother".

    It's talking about you guys killing each other over the unscriptural blood transfusion business.

  • Nanoprobe

    Almost thirty members of Paul Berrys congregation volunteered to testify as character witnesses for him at the trial.

    If you can take good men, good women, husbands, mothers, fathers, grandfathers grandmothers who know that child molesting is wrong and convince them to do the bidding of the Watchtower, doesnt that SCARE you?

    What else will they do? Maybe THEY have already fulfilled your theme scripture?

    Furthermore, brother will deliver brother over to death, and a father a child, and children will rise up against their parents and have them put to death

  • You Know
    You Know


    What else will they do? Maybe THEY have already fulfilled your theme scripture?

    How could that be? Has anyone been put to death yet? / You Know

  • COMF
    Has anyone been put to death yet? / You Know

  • You Know
    You Know

    COMF That's just plain dumb. Jesus said that "children would rise up against their parents and have them put to death." / You Know

  • COMF

    I know it's dumb. It's also murderous. Why do you people keep doing it? Child sacrifice. And you actually think you're doing something right, too.

  • SYN

    OMG that Asleep! magazine cover is HORRID!

  • ChuckD


    Why limit your important information to the rather obscure discussion forum? Clearly, the majority of us have heard it all before, and are making our life choices with open eyes. It can't be simply a case of heaping up ammo for one big "I told you so" delivered just as we check the internet one last time before jumping out the window to our doom .... can it?

    btw - I am off in a few hours to attend a week of classes being held right on Wall Street, so I will be sure to drop you an email "heads-up" the moment I see the first financial analyst's body plummet past.


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