Parents under fire for failing to allow lifesaving blood transfusion to terminally ill son

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  • smiddy

    You make a good point Kairos , give the boy the blood he needs , get yourself DF`d ,work your way back in the religion if that`s your thing , and nobody die`s.

    Or could it be they think more of their " image" in the congregation than they do the life of their son.


  • Ruby456


    the ultimate sacrifice - sacrificing your own child. Scott Atran calls such displays"hard to fake costly displays of committment" which are done to show that you can be trusted within the group and which you hope you will never be asked to do. But when it is your turn you must do it. This does not respond to logic and fact as it is based on illogical counterfactual thinking. Humour is often the best medicine as it is also illogical and counterfactual but brings out the absudity of it


    Humour is often the best medicine......Ruby456

    .......................Image result for everytime you laugh in a difficult situation you win

  • jhine

    For some reason , possibly because I'm an idiot on a computer the link won't work . It is to a site explaining about an initiative by the Church of England and others to ENCOURAGE Christians to become blood and organ donors

    It is in sharp contrast to the WT stance and shows another area where the WT and Christendom are poles apart .


  • jhine

    ignore my last post , the link is working , see I am an idiot on a computer


  • Giordano

    The ultimate sacrifice for believing JW parents is to save their child's life by any means necessary and then be ready and willing to accept the consequences....... being shunned for a year or two is most certainly worth the trade off. However leaving the JW's is the better course.

    We left the JW'S back in the mid 1960's after coming to the realization that my wife and I would not honor the Blood doctrine invented by the WT...... having come to that realization......... there was nothing left to do but leave.

    The WT made up this doctrine so they could be........different. Apparently it was as much a P.R. stunt as a belief (let's not forget other 'beliefs' like no vaccines and no transplants).

    In later years Jonestown put a face on what callous and murderous indifference looked like the morning after.....for any lurking witnesses out there do yourself and your family a favor and google Jonestown . Jonestown happened one time in the JW world at least that amount of people close to 1000 JW, die every year for want of a transfusion.

    Instead of following the WT's idea why not follow what Jesus said about blood.....look it up.

    And while you are thinking this over haul out your No blood directive and ask yourself why you and your family are walking around with a suicide note in your pocket.

  • Vidiot

    Outlaw - "Our late JWN Friend 'Oompa' was given a blood transfusion,while in a Coma. He never knew it happened until he woke up. Brain Dead JW Elders Disfellowshipped him for it."

    Seriously? I completely missed this.


    Seriously? I completely missed this.....Vidiot



    I`ve seen JW Elders make Insane Decisions before,but this was a New Kind of Crazy..

  • millie210

    Outlaw, you are an artist/square shooter/ lover of humanity/watch dog

    for the down trodden.

    Never change - you could never be replaced.

  • steve2

    Humor is a great deflater of religious earnestness and pomposity. Outlaw - you da man in that regard.

    Humorlessness of tone s one of the more distinctive vices of Watchtower literature - ripe for deflating.

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