Parents under fire for failing to allow lifesaving blood transfusion to terminally ill son

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  • cofty
    Azor - Maybe somebody clicked flag instead of like?
  • Clambake

    When a JW lets his child or tries to let his or her child die over a blood transfusion it makes me think of Moloch and the Canaanites from the old testament.

    Whenever I hear one of messages from the GB, I literally get chills like I am listening to Satan himself.

    Pretty hard not to believe in god when looking straight into the face of evil.

    Azor..........................there is nothing wrong with your post. Thank you for sharing.


    I placed thumbs down on you Marvin and Outlaw. You are speaking of what you know not. I almost lost my son due to this very issue when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. I died a lot that day. It happened so quickly.Thank goodness for the courts....Azor

    So if not for the courts,you would have let your son die..That`s what most JWs will do..

    That`s the point I was making..

    I have to live with myself for as long as I breathe and try to be the best father and husband that I can. Having you condemn me and others like me for it does not help.

    I only pointed out the truth.....JW`s make bad decisions..

    You know better now and you still have your son.....So you may want to consider forgiving yourself..

    Eventually you`ll have to make peace with what happened and move on..

    I wish You and Your Family the Best..

    Good Luck to You All..

  • sparrowdown

    Thanks to all of you who tirelessly continue to shine a light on these issues where the WT in it's arrogance makes decisions for it's members that result in death, heartache and families being ripped apart.

    These conversations about the WT's blood policy need to happen and happen often.

  • cofty
    That`s the point I was making.. - Outlaw

    No you were making the assertion that they do so callously - "get a shovel".

  • sparrowdown
    To me it comes down to that most polarizing of questions: are super religious people responsible for their actions while under the influence of their religion?
  • SafeAtHome
    There are cases out there like azor, a parent now out of the cult who is grateful the courts stepped in. Does anyone know for a fact of an instance of a now adult person who was given blood as a child by court order, and whose parents are still in and the child given the transfusion is now out? Sorry if that sounds confusing. Anyway, just wonder how that would strain a parent-child relationship. Or if the child is still in, are they secretly happy for the court's intervention.
  • cofty
    can super religious people be blamed for their actions while under the influence of their religion? - sparrowdown

    It's a good question. Personally yes I think they can and should be held responsible.

    In the same way, the men who flew the planes on 9/11 were doing something entirely rational based on their mistaken beliefs.

    All ideologies, of which religions are the most common sort, are moral poison.


    No you were making the assertion that they do so callously - " get a shovel".......cofty

    Your not a JW Elder here.....No one Recognizes your Authority..

    If you want to know what someone is thinking..

    You ask them..You don`t tell them..


    You probably need some help Carrying your JW Elder Baggage around..


    .....................I`M IMPORTANT!!..



  • cofty

    Outlaw - Why do you assume that anybody who respectfully disagrees with you is trying to tell you what to think or restricting you freedom of speech?

    Are you afraid of engaging in a conversation like a mature adult without the silly cartoons and childish insults?

    If you didn't mean to imply that JWs who refuse blood for their children are necessarily uncaring when you said "pass the shovel", why not just explain?

    I think that the tendency to condemn JWs for thinking the way we used to think is unhelpful.

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