Parents under fire for failing to allow lifesaving blood transfusion to terminally ill son

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  • cappytan
    It's the Hospital Liaison Committee that says, "Get a shovel."
  • sparrowdown
    It's the GB that says "get a shovel."

    Outlaw - Why do you assume that anybody who respectfully disagrees with you is trying to tell you what to think.....cofty

    Because of this..You told me what I was thinking....Don`t include the entire forum..Your the Problem..

    No you were making the assertion that they do so callously - " get a shovel".......cofty


    Are you afraid of engaging in a conversation like a mature adult without the silly cartoons and childish insults?

    Recently a derogatory picture of the Prophet Mohammad "of yours" had to be taken down..Because..

    You were too stupid to know ....."YOU" put the forum owner and his family at risk..

    If you didn't mean to imply that JWs who refuse blood for their children are uncaring when you said "pass the shovel", why not just explain?

    Why not just ask,instead of making shit up that suits you?!..

  • sparrowdown

    Let's face it, when you follow the death-dealing direction all the way back to it's source you will find the malevolent

    seven themselves aka the GB.

  • Doltologist


    Outlaw - I think that portraying JW parents as uncaring is unhelpful.....cofty

    The parents can claim they care as much as they want but, if they get their way, their son dies. Caring isn't about saying you care, words are cheap. It's about showing it. If a parent is prepared to let a child die rather than defy a religion, then the religion is sick and so are the parents. Claiming that the parents care is just plain dumb. If the parents cared, the child would be allowed a blood transfusion. Situations like this need highlighting and brought to society's attention and the parents held up as being irresponsible and uncaring so as to deter other jovie parents from doing likewise. The parents need to understand that a caring society doesn't tolerate such behaviour. The courts shouldn't need to get involved. In some cases, time may not even allow the courts to get involved and a child might die.

    Highlighting situations like this just might cause some people to leave jovie land and others not to join in the first place.

    We stopped offing humans as sacrifices to the gods hundreds of years ago, at least I thought so.

    Jovies are a cult. They should be treated as such and minors of cult members given automatic protection without the need for court intervention.

  • sparrowdown

    This is what happens when you voluntarily hand over control of your brain and your conscience to a religious organization. You condemn your own family to a life of hellish decisions like: "do I let my child die or accept medical help? "

  • azor

    Sparrowdown voluntarily handing over control of our brain applies to those not reared in it from birth. I didn't volunteer it was put upon me. When my grandparents became JW's there was no such thing as shunning. Hell they even condemned other churches for doing it.

    This is a life and death issue. One that I feel the public does not know enough about and desperately needs to. When a life and death situation is put upon someone with moments in many cases to move and emotions prevail guess what wins? It's not logic that's for certain.

    Every JW and child of JW's lives at risk of dying unnecessarily. They need to know ahead of time how this is wrong. In fact one month after waking up to TTATT a dear friend who was one of the few that was continuously there for my family through my son's treatment was diagnosed with adult leukemia. She refused blood as any good JW would and died within a month. Leaving behind a teenage son scheduled for open heart surgery this year. I wish there was a way to accomplish waking people up to this on a large scale, but the a holes at the top demonize those of us that really care about these people. Our family, friends, and children.

  • azor
    By the way I agree with you sparrowdown. Decisions made today affect generations.
  • Doltologist


    She refused blood as any good JW would and died within a month. Leaving behind a teenage son scheduled for open heart surgery this year.

    The emboldening and underlining is mine.

    What is good about dying needlessly and leaving a sick teenage son without a mother?

    This is sending out the wrong message to society.

    Words fail me.

  • Ding
    I wonder how many JWs in such a situation hope that a court will take the matter out of their hands and order the transfusion.

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