Parents under fire for failing to allow lifesaving blood transfusion to terminally ill son

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  • Doltologist


    I wonder how many JWs in such a situation hope that a court will take the matter out of their hands and order the transfusion.

    I wonder how many situations there have been where there hasn't been time enough for the courts to act and children have died needlessly?

  • azor
    More people need to know what this cult does to people.
  • smiddy

    What I think is being missed with this tragic situation is this

    People who have strong convictions , whether they be religious or political , usually jump at the chance to defend their position regardless of how controversial it may be.They see it as a platform to inform the wider community of why they have taken such a stand and to defend their position on it .In other words here is an opportunity to publicize far and wide why I/we have taken such a stand , so others may come on board and support our cause.

    And all of this is totally absent in this case, and in most other similar cases I have read about.

    These people seem to be embarrassed by the action they have taken , they do not want to engage in discussion as to why they have taken this course of action .They do not want to give a witness to the God Jehovah they worship for upholding his law as they see it.

    Could it be they have no clear concept themselves as to why they are refusing life saving treatment for their son ? Could it be they do not have the intellectual capacity or even scripture understanding of their own religion ? Or are the just blindly following a ruling from an organisation they belong to.

    Obviously from the video , they are a young couple that are caught up in this mess ,however I will bet my last dollar they would be incapable of articulating the Watchtower/Jehovah Witness position , regarding refusal of blood ,accepting fractions of blood , and explaining the ban on organ transplants and then accepting them , by their religion.

    While I feel sorry for this young couple to be put in this position ( their for the love of god go I ) I have nothing but condemnation for an organisation that claims to be Christian for putting members of their flock in these appalling situations

    .I wonder how many Jehovah`s Witnesses realize they are NOT members of Jehovah`s Witnesses , they are merely volunteers supporting the 8 Governing Body members who ARE Jehovah`s Witnesses.


  • Heaven

    I think most JW's live in fear of a number of things, including the Blood Policy. I think they all hope like hell they never need a blood transfusion or blood products to survive.

    As a teenage girl back in the '70s, blood transfusions was totally forbidden. So were the use of blood products. I definitely lived in fear of being denied this life saving treatment if I ever needed it. It wasn't until I was an older child that this 'policy' was made known to me. At the time I told my Mom I didn't think it was right. My take was that if you could save a life doing this then it should be done. We are all taught life is precious. If it is within our power to save a life, we must do it. The Watchtower's blood policy refutes this belief.

    This policy was one of the factors that led me to decide not to have children.

    This religion/cult messes people up. They are damaging, destructive... I do not understand how they are allowed to legally operate.

  • Doltologist


    This religion/cult messes people up. They are damaging, destructive... I do not understand how they are allowed to legally operate.

    It's called religious freedom. However, when the freedom of one person (the parents) impinge upon the freedom of another (their child's right to life) then that's where society should step in and either ban the practice or the cult.

  • Doltologist


    More people need to know what this cult does to people.

    Offers up human sacrifice to a non-existent god.

  • truthseeker100

    This religion/cult messes people up. They are damaging, destructive... I do not understand how they are allowed to legally operate.

    I think they should be allowed to operate legally but since they enjoy charitable tax free status and don't do any charitable work they should pay taxes like everybody else does.

  • nicolaou
    azor, your experience posted on the previous page is one of the most powerful I've read. So sorry you went through that.
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Where would we be if it weren't for Outlaws outstanding ability to give such pictures with his nail on the head hitting comments that are to me an artistic expression the fact that they shock some people to have a reaction that grabs them as repulsive needs to be explored for what it tells "himself" about "himself" and his own shadow projections as a sort of inkblot test and no cause for any alarm to be taken.

    Keep up the good work Outlaw.

  • kairos

    Has anyone heard of someone, anyone, EVER, that has been DF'd for accepting blood?

    Why not just take the blood, willingly... Get DF'd at the worst. You're still alive.

    People get DF'd for smoking, having sex or watching porn, but saving your own life is not worth it?


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