Proof - of what?

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    Anyone can Google and regurgitate facts. However, facts require understanding and it is obvious that you have no understanding.

    You and your shyte are just too mind-numbingly tedious to bother with any more.

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    They gave me two documents which they asked me read and told me that they'd be back in a week. The first was called "Was Life Created?" and the second was called "The Origin of life - five questions worth asking".

    Yup. They couldn't answer you so they relied on the WBT$ propaganda. It is hell being in a cult!

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    Doltologist claims: if we have enough attempts to create life, eventually, we will succeed.

    Do you agree?

  • cofty

    Tel - I am not going to answer whether I agree with a phrase plucked from somebody else's post unless I can discuss with them exactly what they meant.

    Speaking for myself I think it is highly likely that life from non-life will be possible.

    That won't necessarily answer how it happened on earth but I do think the problem of abiogenesis will also be solved. You make the mistake of thinking of life as if it were some sort of magic element. It isn't. It is a process.

    I won't be surprised if life is discovered elsewhere in the universe. However I do think that the real obstacle is multicellular life made of eukaryotic cells. The combination of circumstances that was necessary for that to happen was extraordinary. The endosymbiosis events that resulted in respiration in animals and photosynthesis in plants was amazing. It may be unique to earth.

    None of this requires supernatural intervention.

    I wrote a well researched post on the previous page showing why your probability numbers were ridiculous and how comparison of amino acid and DNA sequences - using cytochrome C as an example - provides extremely powerful evidence for evolution.

    You ignored it. Why?

  • Doltologist


    When I talk about life here on Earth, words are not enough to describe its diversity and its beauty. When I talk about what man has achieved in terms of science, art, music and literature, words fail because they are things that are beyond mere words.

    However, none of this implies a plan or purpose or a 'creator' and that, I have found, is what religious people can't or won't accept. They can't or won't accept that life evolved here on Earth. They can't or won't accept that god doesn't exist. They can't or won't accept that god didn't create the heavens and the Earth and Man and all other life forms. They can't or won't accept that Man's achievements happened without god's help. They can't or won't accept that there is no life after death. They can't or won't accept that Man has no purpose whatsoever. Why?

    Because they can't see how something as biologically complex as an eye or a brain, let alone a whole Man, could have evolved quite naturally. Therefore, god must exist and must have created Man.

    What is not clearly understood, or even addressed, is the question of who created god? The invention of god only serves to put the central question back one step. What is also not understood is that they have replaced one set of difficult questions with a set which is equally difficult, if not more so. However, they repeat the mantra that god exists, has always existed, always will exist, that he is all knowing, all seeing and all powerful. They believe their mantra. This, then, means that they don't actually have to "THINK" about the implication of these statements and can simply accept them as fact without question. Once they do that, they can forget about science and evolution and simply accept the illogical nonsense that god did it all.

    So. how did life on Earth evolve?

    The first thing to understand is that life was not inevitable.

    The second thing to understand is that there was no plan. Life did not evolve according to a pre-determined template.

    The next thing to understand is that there wasn't a pre-determined end point. Life is not evolving in order to to arrive at a pre-determined end point which represents 'perfection'. Life evolves even today in order that it can better cope with its environment.

    The next thing to understand is that life was accidental in that the conditions and elements necessary for life just happened to occur here on Earth.

    My belief is that for what we refer to as 'life' to evolve somewhere in our universe, a special set of conditions such as temperature, pressure and chemical content must occur. The creation of 'life' may even be a staged process where conditions need to change in a given way at a given time in a given sequence.

    The Universe is a place containing trillions of celestial bodies. It is also ever changing. It is also almost 14 billion years old. Given all of this, it comes as no surprise to find that life evolved in at least one place in this universe. We may find that life only exists here on Earth or we may not. Who knows. Until we understand the exact conditions needed for life to evolve, we can't even estimate how many other places in our universe are likely to contain life.

    When I talk about 'attempts' at the creation of life, I am not talking about conscious and discrete efforts on the part of an 'intelligence' (AKA god). I am talking about an unplanned, natural, random and continuous process that takes place in all parts of the universe at all times which, in the vast, vast, vast majority of 'attempts' may not result in life or may result in 'near-life' which then fail.

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    Yup. They couldn't answer you so they relied on the WBT$ propaganda. It is hell being in a cult!

    I think what annoyed me most was the insult. To think that someone would believe the BS in their two documents isn't treating the reader with respect. It assumes that the reader lacks knowledge and is gullible.

  • cantleave

    .....assumes that the reader lacks knowledge and is gullible.

    That is the modus operandi of this cult. The Rank and file are told they get the best education possible on religion and science through the litter-trash produced by the WTS. So when they knock on your door they really believe they have knowledge that you don't.

    Remember that cults thrive on providing simplistic answers to complex questions to people who are too lazy to do their own research.

  • cantleave
    Tel - did you watch that video? I would love to read your response. If you didn't watch it, then you might as well stop posting on this thread, as you obviously are happy swimming in the sea of ignorance.
  • Doltologist


    Remember that cults thrive on providing simplistic answers to complex questions to people who are too lazy to do their own research.

    It's not just 'simplistic' answers that they provide. It's 'misleading' answers too.

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