Proof - of what?

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  • cantleave

    Penrose's statistics are meaningless based on the probability of one universe.His calculations didn't take the multiverse theory into account making it an untestable claim.

    I wonder what his calculation for the probability of a highly intelligent designer coming form nothing would be?

    The bottom line line is this - the we can prove the universe exists, there is no such evidence for gods.

  • telemetry11

    The greatness of science must be that it rests on facts, not on opinion.

    It is just the opposite in cantleave-world: “Penrose's statistics are meaningless .. His calculations didn't take the multiverse theory into account…” In cantleave-science, opinion trumps fact.

    Fundamentally, multiverse theory relies on string theory, which is as yet unverified, and on speculative mechanisms for realizing different physics in different sister universes. (Nature, Scientific method: Defend the integrity of physics, George Ellis & Joe Silk, 16 December 2014) Multiverse theory is not robust, let alone testable.

    A scientific theory—the string theory/multiverse— that makes no predictions and therefore is not subject to experiment can never fail, but such a theory can never succeed either, as long as science stands for knowledge gained from rational argument borne out by evidence. There needs to be an honest evaluation of the wisdom of sticking to a research program that has failed after decades to find grounding in either experimental results or precise mathematical formulation.

    In cantleave-world, the incredible precision in the organization of the initial universe—objective, tested, verified fact—is “meaningless” because Penrose didn’t account for multiverse theory. Bizarro.

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