Is the AGM today?

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  • Black Man
    Black Man

    If I was still in the ORG, I'd be MAD AS HELL (like any JW old-timer would be) about that 10 Hour Basic Pioneer Level.

    And this is coming from someone who used to bust his ass trying to get 90 hours a month when I was a dyed-in-the-wool dub!

  • baltar447

    We REALLY need some confirmation of this "10 hour pioneer" business.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Several sources that attended sent extensive notes to me. Nothing about basic pioneering nor a service meeting part "How do you know the truth"

  • Quarterback

    Listen to me, and listen good, you guys. There is going to be Basic Pioneers producing 10 hours a month starting next September. Stop denying it. Stop doubting it. Stop asking for a sign.

    Thanks for your attention.

  • Justnowout

    No. There will not be.

  • Quarterback

    OK, Just


  • Apognophos

    A couple people have reported that their sources did hear something about that, but the absence of more talk about it suggests skepticism is called for. At the 2013 AGM there were a couple remarks that were reported in garbled form and misunderstood on the forum afterward (I know because I was at that one; I'm referring to the "sister proof" and "bum witness" remarks).

  • millie210

    Interesting that the "10 hour Pioneer" thing was leaked on FRIDAY before the meeting even occured.

    That says it all right there.

    Thanks Bluesbrother!

  • 3rdgen

    I don't care if a particular rumor is true or not other than the potential it has for being a source of parody. It feels soooo good to be free of all the angst associated with the borg. I remember late night TV hosts who were bummed that GW Bush was no longer President- NOT for political reasons but b/c he gave them such good comedic material. The GB are clowns. The parodies on this board helped me see how rediculous the JW cult is. I hope these rumors are true so BillyX, Outlaw,and the rest can roast them!

  • DwainBowman

    I am not sure one way or the other, we will find out in time! I can see why they might do it. So many no longer make the 10 hours a month qouta, that any kind of carrot would help, and we all know that borgland is a lot about titles, no matter what the gb says!!And if they did make a basic pioneer rank, I would guess it would not extand the pioneer school, or yearly Pioneer meeting, to them, being they would not be full time pioneers. The Aux pioneers are excluded from those events too!!

    A sister I have known for a long time, was just crushed after she divorced her "apostate" hubby 15 years ago, that she could no longer pioneer. At the time I told her, that the title was not importand, but that she was doing what she told jehovah she was going to do in her heart. She has never turned in more than 5 hours a month since then. It was all about the title, and the Big yearly pat on the back from the special yearly pioneer only meetings!!! I remember her wearing her Pioneer Badge at the assmblies back in the mid 80's with such PRIDE, she was SOMEBODY!!!


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