Is the AGM today?

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  • Oubliette

    SAHS, I believe that Hildebrando is not a native English speaker. He/she translates to English when posting on this forum and sometimes gets it a bit mangled.

  • 3rdgen

    So when the service meeting starts replacing special needs parts with How I came to know the Truth, how are they going to handle the fact that most everyone is a born in except the mentally impared? I can see it now "So sister Nutjob how did you learn the troof? "Well, when i was a professional belly dancer I always wondered if God cared about me. When brother Slacker and his buddies came in for a lapdance they convinced me that they REALLY cared and so did God. Yada yada. Some of that story is actually true and the kookie sister comments about her "interesting past " a lot!

  • bohm

    3rdgen: lol! Hillarious

  • hildebrando
  • 3rdgen

    Interview of a born in like myself: "So 3rdgen, how did you learn the truth?" "Well my first memory was as a toddler being beaten mercilessly with a belt because I wiggled at the KH. That taught me proper fear. At the age of 6 I became an unbaptized publisher after being shown the lovely picture in the Paradise book about what happens to bad little girls who aren't JW. The doll, the bicycle, and the puppy falling into the abyss really reached my heart. Then when my family disinherited and shunned my older brother for simply not getting baptized, I knew it was the truth and made my dedication at the age of 12."

  • b00mslang

    Funny you should mention the Paradise Book. That illustration of one of Pharaoh's soldiers that you can see being inundated by a breaking wave looked (at least to my eye) like my dad. Used to scare me that he was going to drown.

    I recall reciting the books of the Bible at the book study in 1965 or so.

    So much time spent (wasted) learning and pouring over publications and doctrine that has now been repudiated. Repeatedly studying the old Babylon Book (and Hyslop) and learning/retaining the deep, spurious teachings.

    What, exactly, was the point?

    I spoke w/ my 74 y.o. mother a few weeks ago (she's an avid meeting/service attendee) and she kept saying: "the Faithful and Discreet Slave this" and "the Faithful and Discreet Slave that" and how they're; "giving us our food at the proper time".

    So delusional it made me sick. My Dad goes to meetings w/ her but he obviously has questions himself. Pushing 90 he's probably thinking about how close he is to learning the "Grand Secret".

  • freddo


    Any more detail on the 'basic pioneer' - 10 hours thing?

    Some publishers - non auxiliary pioneeers - do that and much more every month.

  • 3rdgen

    Next service meeting interview, "Brother Pedophile, what was it that attracted you to the organization?" answer: "Duh...."

  • hildebrando
  • Chris Tann
    Chris Tann

    HeyHildebrando, your credibility is suffering because you won't answer people's inquiry of your, and only your statement that basic pioneering was announce at meeting( 10 hour pioneers) is this just made up?

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