Is the AGM today?

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  • CrimsonAshes

    Something JWTalk posted about the Annual Meeting. They talked about Typology being discussed? Is this true?

    If so... Doesn't that give them a way out?

    Like if say the United Nations banned religion tomorrow, but the Great Tribulation didn't start. In theory with their Typology statement, they could just say that was the "Type" not the "Antitype" and thus the prophecy wasn't fulfilled... and the Antitype is still to come?

  • jookbeard

    they must be seething when they monitor this forum and see the real time feedback of the meeting on here long before the R&F even get a sniff

  • mana11

    Google = Gog.

    The land of magog-le is the satanic internet.

    the society needs its own isp service so that all followers can subscribe and never be mixed up in the land of ma-goog-le.

    the satanic forces are apostates being feed information directly form satan inspired gogle.

    Gog-le services wil be blocked thus protecting the faithful.



    if you dont believe me the watch this!...(grin)

  • factfinder

    Thank you Absolam! Did they mention anything about a new peak of publishers?

  • Zoos


  • BluePill2

    This JW TV is just sick. Reminds me of the religious channels that are constantly pounding people for money. I am more than happy to have left all of this.

    "Brothers and Sisters, the Governing Body just brought this new device out. The NEW LIGHT DEVICE. Now you can, in the comfort of your home, get all the new light directly into your brain, no more waiting, no more asking for magazines at the KH counter, just put it to your temple and ZAP! Info directly injected to your brain, directly from Headquarters."

    Stay ahead and avoid any wrong information. BUT WAIT, there is more. With every order we will throw in a Anti-Aging cream, so that you can experience the Paradise NOW. No waiting for that young skin, become younger and fresher for field service."

    All of this with 6 payments of 37.38 $. Whip your credit cards out, get to our website and start ordering NOW"


  • Justnowout

    I am extremly skeptical regarding 'basic pioneering'. Until theres confirmation im calling BS on it

  • hamsterbait

    GWENDOLYN: I well recall when I heard the noolite - I was eating muffins at High Tea.

    CECILY: Then it cannot be as new as my noolite.

    GWENDOLYN: Oh! No, my dear Cecily, it is indeed the noolite, for my diary states it was five-and-twenty past four.

    CECILY: Then truly, sweet Gwendolyn, you have not the newest noolite, for my diary says I heard it at a quarter to five.

  • KateWild

    Great thread, I enjoyed it. Thanks Hamsterbait for starting it and thanks Absolom for live posting from the AGM. Kate xx

  • ProfCNJ

    Wow, 17,000+ views for just more than 24 hours? Could be one of those threads with the highest no. of views for a very short period of time. Of this rising no., how many could have been active JWs who anxiously waited for the blow-by-blow updates?

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