CO's visit ends with a bombshell!!!

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  • CrimsonAshes
  • Jeffro


    This real enough?

    I didn't mean to suggest that nothing in the Daily Mail is ever correct.

    But it is renowned for tabloid nonsense, so as a rule of thumb, it should never be the first source you provide.

    You really should skip straight to legitimate sources in the first instance.

  • gonzobear

    CrimsonAshes - introducing legislation to ban more extremist factions of society is not the same as banning religion, if that's the inference you meant. Allowing the banning of groups who threaten and undermine the stability of society as a whole is a positive thing, along with those who pedal hate and intolerance. I personally would love to see the witnesses banned to kingdom come and beyond for the veiled intolerance that used to be printed in their 'literature'. However now they've wised up and their public faces are very different to the private ones shown at meetings and behind the scenes.

    Also all this legislation would do is bring into the open what at present many governments are already allowed to do. For instance although the UN declaration of Human Rights is signed by member states they are allowed to veto this if the stabilty and security of the country is thought to be at risk. So the rights of the human are always secondary to that of the state.

    Anyway, veering off topic here, but I think the CO was scare mongering. And they are well known for going off piste. In fact very last meeting I was at the CO managed to twist scripture to say that god would never forgive a divorced person. It was quite some feat.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I thought someone told me that Crooklyn has recently also said that there's "going to be a great thinning out"

    That would be the next money-grabbing scheme -- thin out the Flock by 50%, reducing the need for KHalls, so that 50% of them can be sold and the cash sent home to "Mother".


  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    @DesirousOfChange... Bingo! I think that is a possible solution GB/LegalDept/WritingDept have been working on. How to make more money? Ummm . We tell them to obey. They give us all their KHall funds money. We tell them to write the deed to the KHall and all Assembly Hall property over to us. They do. hahaha We make more outrageous, ridiculous claims. Many leave as we planned. NOW we have less people attending the KHalls we own and less people attending the Assembly Halls we own. Now we sell. Bingo as GB/LegalDept/WritingDept jump for joy, saying "We win! We win! We're rich. Our retirement is secure". "We sure pulled a good one over on those dumb, listen to everything we say, not do, yokel's!" "The one's left in we can continue milking like a cash cow!" "Life is sure sweet for us!"

    Disgusting creeps!


  • punkofnice

    "start getting ready we're not going to be around much longer!"

    Good. You can buzz off now if you want and take your bry nylon clothes with you.

    And we expect the angels to release the four winds any day now!"

    Who's the 'we' in all of this? Is this an appeal to authority or the preacher's we?

    The more I read what he said is the more desparate and delusional he seems.

  • Vidiot

    DesirousofChange - "...thin out the Flock by 50%..."

    Honestly, I think the WTS could get by with just 20-25%.

  • Apognophos

    In theory, it seems to me that the organization's expenses scale with the size of its membership.

    Once down to a certain size, it may become impractical to have assemblies because of the small number of venues that they would be renting, requiring a large amount of travel for many attendees, and if even smaller it would become impractical to hold the land and property required for Kingdom Halls. As I've pointed out before, this is not a major obstacle to their continued existence, as they can always meet in private homes.

    So I don't actually see why the Society has any minimum membership needed to sustain itself -- assuming that there is not a sudden drop in members before they can scale back expenses to fit the lowered income (and I don't think such a precipitous drop is possible).

  • Vidiot

    mary - "... I thought someone told me that Crooklyn has recently also said that there's 'going to be a great thinning out' in the Borganization."

    That's actually been a semi-official part of WT eschatology all along.

    Personally, I suspect they might have dropped in in there (consciously or otherwise) just in case the WTS ever experienced a decline, just so they could spin it as a futher "sign" that the WTS was God's official Org, and that we were in the Last Days.

  • mana11

    Reality is: THEY realise that THEY are NOT going to be around much longer!. Not because of anything from heaven, but because these nasty apostates are creating winds from the 4 corners of the earth and will sweep them away soon.

    They tried as a last resort to get the internet to work. alas not even a 1/3 or the faithful visit it daily...weekly or monthly. They realise now that they are screwed, the only groth is in africa and that only because people here are nto internet savy as yet...

    When you do bad to people it comes back to bite you, it can take some time but eventually it turns around to bite you back.

    The WTBS will have its day soon...

    The country club is their last Bastion of protection.

    Soon that wil be gone too,,, I predict after Oct 2015 when nothing has taken place as they expect, a mass of feet will walk away...

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