Blown away-- where to go from here

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  • smiddy

    LOL Perry

  • bruh2012

    "All for one" - this wouldnt have happened if you were regular with your family study!!!! LOL

  • mrquik

    Welcome All;

    I had 50 yrs. in before gaining TTATT. If you haven't read Ray Franz' account in Crisis of Conscience, I would recommend it. His account alone was enough to convince me to leave. I still believe the witnesses had a number of things right, but what they got wrong, they got tragically wrong. rebuttal of 1914 is a must read. Once free of that deception, a number of others topple like dominos. In the end I've come to believe both Paul's & Jesus' view that there will be a resurrection of " the rightneous & the unrighteous"....basically everyone. That being the case; I no longer worry about the future. At my age I have no more time to waste on worthless endeavors.

    Live Well.....Enjoy Life!!!!

  • stirred but not shaken
    stirred but not shaken

    You can expect that even the most loving and trusted friend or family member will shun you if you have been institutionally marked. They don't want to lose the loyalty identity and then be corrupted by Satan's wily ways. Remember the loyalty is to the interpretation of what Wt. thinks the bible teaches then enforces it through intimidation. It's done in other high control religious groups as well. Very revealing!

    I say this after spending 60+ years at a very visible level and aquiring friends in many States and several countries. Our only crime was questioning and reverently seeking answers to transient, and obvious flawed teachings of fallible men (the last attempt to study the Revelation book was a hoot). NOT ALLOWED. You'll be guilty of causing or inciting division. You must "wait on Jehovah", even if it's been wrong for decades, even a century. While knowing the real truth is a relief, starting over is tough at this stage of our lives. Having a clear(er) conscience helps. We didn't come to this site until we had already concluded that the Wt. Society wasn't interested in the truth..preservation but not truth. Many well thought out, detailed and documented "studies" have been sent to the writing department detailing problems with long time doctrines that have no support in academia, get shelved and lost, only after the sender gets warned and counseled and even censored. You'll likely experience some of this, but you're making your move at a good time in your life. You've got a lot of time ahead of you.

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