Scottish independance in two days what do you think?

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  • jgnat

    A no vote is good for Canada, too, as I am sure Quebec is watching. Right now Canada has access to three oceans. It would be unwise to lose direct access to one.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I think it was a bit daft to not have the (or another) referendum for all of the UK to decide it, not just the scots. It affects us all. The votes could have been weighted to make it more balanced if needed.

    my 2p

  • Rattigan350

    Independant thinking again. Always bad.

  • Ucantnome

    i'd vote yes

  • cofty

    Nationalists like these would burn a country to the ground if they could rule the ashes.

    Sadly this is true. I have had to listen to their rantings for months.

    They would need approval of every member of the EU to join. Spain and others would veto it.

    Salmond assumed he could have the pound and NATO and the EU.

    They would end up isolated with a basket-case economy, no support from the Bank of England, no military support from NATO, no trading links with the EU, oil prices and North Sea oil reserves falling and well paid jobs all heading south.

  • besty

    I would vote Yes if I had a vote - the reasons for the Union of 1707 are no longer valid.

    If the UK goes to war with Argentina to enforce the right to self-determination for Falkland Islanders you must logically offer the Scots the same right.

    The truth is no-one knows how a Yes (or a devo super max+ powered No) will work out in practice. So all the posturing on this thread and in the MSM is meaningless. Chimps have a more accurate grasp of world facts than the media or you do.

    (and if you buy into the Bitcoin/Blockchain theory of everything its all change from a global finance perspective for all of us anyways )

    Good luck Scotland - may you prosper tomorrow and always.

    An absent son,


  • LP97

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    It looks unlikely. The final UGov poll will be published around 10pm tonight but the last poll had NO about 4 points in the lead.

    I am Scottish and I love a lot of things about the country and people but this is about petty nationalism.

    Alex Salmond is a buffoon but the nationalists don't care. They will soon enough if they get their wish.

    Millions were wiped off the value of companies with Scottish links when an opinion poll briefly showed Yes to have a 1 point lead. Imagine what will happen on Friday if it is for real. Major businesses are queing up to leave Scotland.

    Pretending Scotland can keep the UK pound is risible. It's like walking away from a marrige and insisting you are going to go on using the joint credit card.

    The Yes campaign have tried to bully people by linking a vote for independance with love of Scotland. The Irn Bru swilling weegies are falling for it. Let's hope more thoughtful Scots turn out to be in the majority.

    Barry the flag would not be affected.

    I'm sorry, but what a ridiculous post. Very unlike yourself from what I've seen from you on this forum.

    This isn't just "petty nationalism", but a real call for change in this country. For too long, the Scottish people have been marginalised, and been treated second best in the interests of London and Westminister. The fact that Scotland has a higher GDP than Japan, France and the rest of the UK and major resources not just in oil, but in wind power, and also has many other industries worth billions like tourism, technology and food and drink. And yet, there are thousands being forced to live on foodbanks.

    I do not support Alex Salmond or the SNP but he is not a buffoon. If he was, he and his party would have never been elected by the Scottish people...TWICE. This "buffoon" has introduced things like free prescriptions, free tuition fees and free care for the eldery in his time as First Minister and created more change for ordinary people than Westminister could possibly hope for.

    I wonder where you could show me where millions of value were wiped off companies when that poll came out, because I certainly didn't see it. The only change I can remember was the value of the pound, and that was fluctuating throughout that period before that came out, and is back to normal again.

    Major businesses are NOT queuing up to leave Scotland - RBS came out and said that they would move their head office to London in the event of independence, but dismissed Better Together scaremongering that it would affect jobs and their operations in Scotland. BT also said Lloyds were moving to London too, which is interesting, as they're already based in London! Standard Life have been threatening to move out since before devolution in '79, and have never carried it through. And again, Tesco rubbished a story recently from BT claiming that shopping prices would be higher. Better Together have constantly and consisently lied and fabricated the truth to make people fear Scottish independence - that their world will suddenly start falling apart. And time and time again, the stories get rubbished. Our media doesn't like reporting it though.

    As for the currency, a currency union makes sense for Scotland and the UK due to their trading relationship - do you truly think that the rest of the UK is suddenly going to make this trading relationship more awkward by refusing a currency union, out of spite rather than logic? If push comes to shove and Yes wins, you can bet Cameron and co will be making phone calls to negotiate a possible currency union. It's in both parties mutual interests. Remember that they want No to win - so of course they will not entertain the idea of a currency union before the result. If they did, it might make people think Yes is a good idea!

    I almost laughed at the last paragraph. When has the Yes campaign ever "bullied" anyone? The message has consistently been a positive one that independence will bring real change, bring power back to the people, and make sure Scotland's resources are used to deal with the real deep-seated issues of Scotland and not funding the pockets of greedy Westminister MPs and backbenchers. This campaign has never been about "FREEDOM!" or "Braveheart". I'm pretty disgusted you could think half our population are "Irn Bru swilling weegies" - Yes supporters are not stupid, nor ignorant. You definitely seem to be showing those kinds of attributes though. The only bullying I've seen has come from Better Together - "We're not good enough", "The oil will run out", "We won't let you keep the pound", "All your businesses will leave", "You won't get into the EU or NATO". Better Together have been trying to put a constant sense of fear into people, and funnily enough, the people aren't responding. They're doing their own research, finding out the facts, and realising that the status quo of the union just isn't working.

    I'll repeat what I said at the outset again - we have a higher GDP than France, Japan and the rest of the UK yet people are living on foodbanks and 1 in 5 of Scottish children live in poverty. Scotland has been consistently governed by governments the majority of the Scottish electorate did not vote for, and this government we didn't vote for is ripping apart the public services we hold dear. It's time for a change - time for self-determination, putting power back into the hands of the Scottish people and making sure Scottish resources are used to solve our problems. Better Together say we'll get "real change" if we vote No, but if they were interested in changing anything, they would have done so long ago. The proposed "new powers" are just a desperate bargaining plea to keep the Scottish people in their crooked system.

    I am not able to vote tomorrow due to the whole JW situation, but if I could, I would resoundingly be voting YES.

  • bigmac

    why didnt us lot south of the wall get to vote on the matter--? or did the powers that be know full well that if we did--the result would be overwheming.

  • Qcmbr

    As a Brit I always thought of us all together with patriotic fervour expressed in sporting rivalry but not much else. Now I find a part of my 'country' telling the rest of us we arent really what they want and amongst a significant portion of Scotland I find almost naked agression - not against Wales or N.Ireland but specifically against England. Im gutted. In the past a trip to see family in Scotland was a short hop but , if they go independent, it will change (not in distance of course) and it will be an international hop. The yes campaign is downplaying the costs of independence and totally ignoring the costs the rest of the uk will face. It feels like having a wonderful neighbour who you share tools with and hang out with suddenly revealing they dont really like you, dont like sharing with and have decided to build a big wall and will be sending you a huge chunk of the bill. Even if its a 'no' Im not certain the rest of the uk will trust Scotland again.

  • besty

    why didnt us lot south of the wall get to vote on the matter--? or did the powers that be know full well that if we did--the result would be overwheming.

    because you, like me, are not resident in Scotland

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