Scottish independance in two days what do you think?

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  • barry

    One thing I would like to say is will the union jack be changed because the Scottish flag is incorpreted in it. If the union jack is changed will we change our Australian flag because the union jack is in our flag? Even Hawawi has the union jack also Fiji and many other commonwealth countries.

  • OneEyedJoe

    It doesn't affect me much, but if it will cause scotch prices to go down in the US I'm all for it. From what I understand they're planning on keeping the pound as their currency so that's not likely to happen...

  • galaxie

    Scotch prices are the last thing on the Scots mind.

    Democracy and social justice is the issue.

  • Caedes

    Personally, I will be sad to see the scottish people leave the union (if that is what they choose) and I think we will both be poorer (culturally) for it.

  • galaxie

    Caedes...Scottish culture will remain.

    We would still remain part of these islands, we are not drifting into the atlantic.

    Best wishes

  • Simon

    I think it will be a bad thing for the union but a worse thing for Scotland.

    The proportion of people on benefits is higher the further to the extremities of the kingdom you go and I don't think they have done the math. They seem to be relying on 'north sea oil' to bankroll the country which won't last forever.

    Stupid shortsightedness by a few people who want power - a chance for them to be the boss ... in a smaller pond.

    They should never have been allowed to have different rules for Scotland such as university tuition fees as this distorts people's view.

    It also seems silly to do unless there is a clear majority - a 51% / 49% margin is hardly an overwhelming mandate for such a huge change and could easily vary. I think it should have been set at least 60% / 40% to go through.

  • ThomasCovenant

    I've gotten used to the fact that we are one united kingdom. I would be sorry to see that split up.

    Just little things like hearing the weather report from the BBC telling me about the weather in Scotland.

    If Scotland goes the way of a separate independent nation then I don't expect to hear any more about the place than I do about the Republic of Ireland.

    i.e. Nothing.

  • galaxie
    galaxie's not about north sea oil or benefits it is fundementaly about democracy ie making our own decisions sink or swim, it is surely a countries right.

    North sea oil or any oil off Scotlands shores for that matter is better served for our benefit no matter when it runs out.

    Not forgetting it would not only run out for Scotlands benefit but of course runs out for all.

    Better together has increasingly become a falsehood not only for Scots but for many areas of England Wales and N Ireland.

    Perhaps and hopefully the Scots action may kick start a new future of shared prosperity for all on these islands.

    Best wishes.

  • Terry

    I think we'll find out in about a year's time whether it was a good thing or not.

  • caroline77

    If they do split off, will they be part of the common market? If not, will they have to have passports to come to England? There are too many questions to be answered, so I don't see how anyone can make a sensible decision.

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