Muslim loses contract because of his religion

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  • Apognophos

    PaintedToenail, you didn't ask people to go to great lengths for you, but you asked for them to tolerate rude and stand-offish behavior. How many times did you refuse to engage in minor courtesies like saying "bless you" because "it's a superstition", or fail to give a gift to someone at Christmas who normally would expect one from you, or neglect to wish them a happy birthday? It's the same as what this gentleman did by not shaking hands.

    We know nothing about him as a person. Does he wish death to all infidels? Does he hate women? Or does he just try to live his life under the rules he was raised with and expected to follow? Perhaps he secretly wishes he didn't have to keep up a Muslim pretense like we wished we didn't have to keep up our Witness pretense.

    The bad faith assumptions in this thread are stunning and very telling.

  • Simon

    these are all from THIS thread.

    They are also all taken out of context.

    People are free to express themselves without being berrated for it as long as things don't cross the line into hate speech which I do not believe has happened on this topic.

    Please stop trying to inflame things so that they do.

  • MadGiant

    "The problem, what we concidered rude may not be rude in another country." -

    It doesn't matter what they considered rude. The person is the one who have to adapt his/her behavior to fit with society at large and the community. This means that social etiquette may be dramatically different from what he/she are used to.

  • Simon

    There is a difference between being unaware of a social norm and being aware but deciding to ignore it.

    Most people would chose to adopt the local customs IMO.

  • Berengaria

    Haven't read beyond the first page. May I ask how many of you that are insulted and enraged by this guy also supported the Hobby Lobby decision?

  • Berengaria


  • talesin

    I don't deal with anyone who treats women like second-class citizens. Religion has nothing to do with it.

    Hiring someone to work for me in my home-based business? Then they best not be misogynists, and regard women as 'unclean',, or 'crazy biotches' .. or anything else that is offensive to my gender.



  • Mikado

    I agree, I'm a strong feminist, but Islam doesn't treat women as second class citizens. the women I work with and employ are not.

    simon, I agree to disagree with you. please tell me how I have taken those quote out of context? they were simple one off statements. I did not selectively mine them, I simply repeated them.

  • Mikado

    heres an example. my family are uber dubs. they had a neighbour who was intellectually disabled, with very little money, who went out of their way to buy them a Christmas gift.

    i happened to be there when these people drove over, using petrol they couldn't spare, to give my family this gift they really couldn't afford.

    instead of accepting it gracefully they were good witnesses, and said you know we don't celebrate Christmas. the poor people just stood there, not knowing what to do,I was ashamed.....I may have been raised like that, but by god, I will be better than that.

    Now, thats being a VERY good witness but on a scale of one ten just how rude do you think that was? how many times does something similar to that occur?

    but we are incapable of accepting that others may not want to shake hands?

    pot, meet kettle.

  • Mikado

    Simon, a you actually saying, that the statement,

    Muslims are rubbish

    ISNT hate speech?

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