Muslim loses contract because of his religion

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  • AlphaMan

    I'm horrified by the simple hatred exposed in this thread. bet you guys were great JWS...the intolerance runs deep...


    Oh boo hoo. At the most only a couple statments in this thread could be taken as religious discrimination hating on Muslims. It's mainly about being tired of catering to or pandering to these fanatics even when they insult you in your own home.

    Most people here were probably great JW's.....that's why they are now fed up with religious fanatic bullshit.

  • Mikado

    Apogophos has it correct. remember expecting people to make allowances for you and your religion? being the only person who didn't celebrate birthdays, Christmas Easter, or be allowed to play sport or have a social life?

    and not saluting the flag, etc etc.

    How much allowance did we expect people to make for us?

    Dont you think all of that is FAR ruder, and expected far more accomodation from other people than someone not wanting to touch the opposite sex?

    and to those arguing it's not about religion, what's the heading of this thread?

  • tootired2care

    I'm horrified by the simple hatred exposed in this thread. bet you guys were great JWS...the intolerance runs deep...

    LOL...Is this guy for real?

  • MadGiant

    "Islam prohibits non-essential touching and physical contact with a person of the opposite gender, with exception of certain" -

    Then, they are either in the wrong country or the wrong line of work.

  • Simon

    How much allowance did we expect people to make for us?

    Were we right or were we wrong?

    I'd suggest that trying to force changes to other people's behavior based on our own religious belief is the first step on the road to jihad. It's simply a mild expression of the same core value which is that someone's own personal beliefs transcend all other people's rights and expectations.

    If we want to stamp out the latter (and I think we do) then we need to give up all the step on the ladder that get to it. It starts with the simple idea that you can believe what you want and worship in the privacy of your own home ... then leave your god there.

  • jam

    If you are a ex- JW and someone refuse to shake your hand that

    set off bells. So many here have bent over backwards to appease

    their JW family. Maybe we have a reason to have a chip on our

    shoulders. We have been ignored,our character have been assassinated

    we are a none person. I be damn if anyone disrespect me any longer...

  • PaintedToeNail

    Gee-I don't remember ever asking anyone to bend over backward for my beliefs. While at school, I sat in the office or library while all the other kids ate goodies and exchanged gifts. When old enough to start working, I worked all the major holidays so my co-workers could have the time off with their families. For sporting events, I turned up late so as to avoid becoming an object of hatred because of refusing to say the Pledge. There were other witness kids who sat out events at school, it was less than fun to know everyone else is having a good time, but you get to watch the school secretary answer phones and type.

    A slight bow would have been very polite in place of shaking hands, your girlfriend would've probably been won over by his chivalrous behaviour!

  • Mikado


    these quotes are neither racist, or hateful to you?

    these are all from THIS thread.

    disgraceful really......

    send em back to Mecca


    rubbish is right

    filthy description

    send them back to where they came from

    so, which of these quotes do you consider NOT outrageous?

    those that do not choose to stand up to that hatred are tacitly approving it.

    guess that's all ok, until it's done to you, hay?

    i work with and employ LOTS of Muslims. should I go and tell them that, how would it appear to them, oh, that's right, NOT hate speach!!!

  • Mikado

    and before people start jumping up and down and calling me Muslim apologist, I am not.

    there are many things I don't like about Islam, just like christianity, and Hinduism.

    but I can't stand hatred, and I thought as a group we could be better than this.

    one thing our live experience should have given us is MORE tolerance for people who are not what we expect, not less.

  • jam

    The problem, what we concidered rude may not be rude in another

    country. The middle finger may be ok in some countries. They use the

    word sh--t in Belize like we use the word stink.

    Sitting with a soles of feet or shoes facing a person sitting close by, is

    impolite in some Muslim countries.

    Passing an item to someone with the left hand, may be considered rude

    by some Muslims. It is also regarded as impolite gesture. Who knew..

    Must we learn everyone cultural when they come here????

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