Muslim loses contract because of his religion

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  • usualusername

    Today I interviewed an IT company to support my business run from home.

    The doorbell rings and I ask my girlfriend to answer the door.

    I meet a trendy young woman and a hip muslim. We shake hands, drink water and discuss business. The proposal they offered and expertise were easily the best. Anything short of a disaster I decided to award them the contract, until.......

    My girlfriend said that when she greeted them the Musilm man refused to shake her hand. The young lady explained that he could not do so due to his faith.

    If I am takent to court for religious discrimination, my defense will be I don't award contracts to jerks.

  • tootired2care

    Yep, just lie, and never apologize for not putting up with stupid Muslim crap, or any religious crap for that matter. Fundamentalists Muslim's just don't belong in western society eff em'.

  • Hairtrigger

    If you think JW's are fanatics think again. These jokers would make JW's look like hippies in a nudist beach!!

  • designs

    i did a construction project for a family from lebanon who were Muslim. The wife and the mother in law wore the full Chador, which in California stood out just a little. I made the faux pas of extending my hand to greet the wife one day Oooops. She was nice and smiled about it.

    The mother was a hoot. She had a water pipe and would sit on the front porch of their nice upper scale suburban house and smoke from the pipe in the evenings, I wonder what the neighbors must have thought.

  • AlphaMan

    My girlfriend said that when she greeted them the Musilm man refused to shake her hand. The young lady explained that he could not do so due to his faith.

    Eff him! Good for you for not awarding him the contract. The nerve of him to bring that stupid retarded Muslim BS into your house. I get so tired of people catering to people of ths religion, when this group never caters to anyone.

  • Mikado

    so Someone who feels uncomfortable shaking your hand is incapable of doing a good job???

    what. a joke!

    IF you choose to be a bigot, at least have the balls to be an honest bigot.

  • Phizzy

    Jeez Mikado, we have the right to buy goods and services wherever we choose, and if someone behaved as this Muslim man did, whatever his religion or none, I would choose not to buy from him, regardless of the quality of service.

    We need to make a stand for our culture, and for good manners, too many people think religion is an excuse to be an asshole.

  • Mikado

    but all the man did was choose not to shake hands and explain why...THAT is exactly why we need to have laws against religious discrimination.

    its wrong, pure and simple.

  • Mikado

    and someone bragging about it is even worse,

    a while ago it would have been he was a Jew, or a black etc etc....

    ITS WRONG, and you wonder why Muslims feel persecuted.

  • Phizzy

    Read the O.P. the man did not have the grace to explain himself, his sidekick had to do so, his whole attitude is wrong, Muslim has nothing to do with it, except being where he has learned that such appalling manners are supposed to be acceptable to non-Muslims.

    It is the same with JW's ,you are right, they too think their religion gives them the right to be rude, it does not.

    It is not "persecution" to expect that people observe the customs of the society they find themselves in, if I visited an islamic place of religion, I would take my shoes off, even if my religion said it was wrong to.

    But primarily I go back to not explaining himself, getting a woman to do so.

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