Muslim loses contract because of his religion

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  • cofty

    Some Muslim men will only extend their right hand to other Muslim men and ther left to "Kafirs" (non-Muslim men).

    I always extend my right hand when greeting Muslim men. I treat everbody equally and make no accomodation for religious bullshit.

    Religion is not an excuse for bad behaviour.

    remember expecting people to make allowances for you and your religion? - Mikado

    Yes and they did us no favours by pandering to our foolishness.

  • Simon

    Yes and they did us no favours by pandering to our foolishness.

    I agree.

    Why are *we* supposedly rude by not tollerating someone else's rude and inconsiderate behavior?

    i don't want to be defending any religion, I personally believe that all the problems in the world is caused by my god is better than your god.

    Then stop defending the patterns of behavior that people's religion promotes.

    I'm sorry, but muslims are rubbish ... just like zionists, catholics, protestants, JW's, mormons, mooonies and any other group of "we're special, we're saved, you're not, you should die" group.

    Here's the reality:

    The muslim faith is riddled with hate - just different variations of the same crap that's also found in the bible. There are not really "muslim extremists" as the "moderate muslims" would want us to believe. Instead there are muslims following the commandments in their holy books to the letter and then people that profess to believe a watered down version of the faith claiming it's the real deal.

    It's no different to Christians who have created a watered down socially acceptable lifestyle religion that isn't really based on the bible as they claim.

    ALL religions are extremist by their very nature (with a few exceptions such as budhism for instance) but we've been conditioned to accept it as normal and shift the scale of what is extreme further over.

    The least we can do is to tell people that we don't appreciate them trying to push their extremist behavior on us.

    I think the amount of tollerance that religious people should be shown should be equal to the amount they show others.

  • Oubliette

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