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  • WingCommander

    @ Millie210:

    It's hard to not be angry and bitter. I was born into this cult in 1979. My parents were exposed to the JW literature thru their youth due to accepting some publications throughout their youth. It helps to do research on the history of this cult, it's failed prophecies, etc. Reading books on psychology and how manipulators and pschopaths operate also helps, as it teaches you how to see and recognize how you were decieved, used, and manipulated, and controlled for so long. That has helped me immensely to get over this farce of a religion, and also helped me to see and weed out other abusive, toxic people in my life.

    I'd say the only thing I really feel, is resentment for the fact that the WTBTS Cult stole my childhood, my prospects for education, etc. You can't get those things back. All those Assemblies and Conventions, spent sitting still as a child miserable listening to now what is considered "Old Light", and for what? I am now middle-aged with no prospect of even a Great Tribulation in sight, much less Armaggedon!!!! So much time lost to this cult, when instead my parents and I could have been at a park having a picnic, having fun at an amusement park or some other vacation. I never even went to an amusement park or even a movie theater until I was 15-16 years old!!!! How insane is that??? SAD.

    - Wing Commander

  • glentrevette

    that all those people going to the washrooms when the song and announcements came on during assemblies were spiritually weak and disrespectful

  • AlwaysBusy

    I understand how you feel. My husband had cancer, we had three small children at he time. He was given one week to live. I was devastated. NOt one witness came to see us, but the neighbors brought meals for us every day for that week. He wasn't a witness, but he did many things to help the brothers and sisters, mowing lawns, moving them, and him and my sons built a deck for one of the elderly sisters. He lived and we are now divorced. But at one of the meetings, an Elder said to me, "you have to be at every meeting, no matter what". I let the elders bully me....So I went to the meeting, crying the whole time, and when I drove home, I didn't know if my hubby was dead or alive. I was so stupid. How could I have been so stupid?

  • Apognophos

    One ten-year-old (now married) told the conductor "I love you ten bags"

    The audience laughed, the conductor was stunned. His brother said he'd been saying he loved people a certain amount of bags for weeks...doubt he'll be waking up any time soon.

    Sorry, but I didn't get this one at all.

  • ShirleyW

    Me neither Apog

  • Yondaime

    Damn Wing Commander your story hit me hard.

    That elder was definitely appointed by the "holy spirit", just like all the elders, even the one who molested my best friend's sister. With the exception of my dad and one other elder, they're all a bunch of pricks. They wash floors for a living but once they put on that suit and pick up a giant brief case they let it get to their heads. Gods holy spirit doesn't exist in this cult. Pfft if god even exists at all.

  • Theredeemer

    "Angels are with us in the territory and guiding us" yep straight to McDs and Starbucks!

  • BobFlanagan007

    This isn't really a comment but there was one elder in my congregation who I noticed always used the same examples and metaphores when giving talks.

    My "favourite" one was when he was talking about people making the minimal ammount of effort re field service and would always use the example of a "minimalist painter" who "just splashes paint here and there over the canvas" which was an obvious reference to the work of Jackson Pollock the famous abstract expressionist who made action paintings that are so full of movement and colour that they are about as far as you can get from minimalism.

    Another that stays in my mind even 20 years later is that he would regularly quot Nietzsche's famous phrase "God is dead" but as well as no doubt having no idea of it's origin also appeared to believe that the phrase was to be taken literally. Idiot.

    Both these really annoyed me whenever he used them and I do wish I'd stood up and informed him how ignorant he was but never plucked up the courage to do so.

  • wannaexit

    The society never told you not to have kids.

  • millie210

    Thanks for taking the time to reply Wing Commander!

    i think you make a good point about educating myself on how cults and manipulative people operate. Point taken!

    One thing, you are NOT middle aged, you are young. I have kids your age and I know these things...

    "grey is the new black"

    "50 is the new 30"

    and so on...

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