Outrageous Comment

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  • bobert

    "The rod shouldn't be spared on the little demons running around the kingdom hall!"

  • talesin

    The PO was talking about children (toddlers and little ones) squirming and disrupting the meetings. He encouraged parents to take their children out back to the washroom to discipline them.

    "And when you take them to the back, that's when we *really* want to hear them."

    I was less than 5YO, but it is one of my clearest childhood memories. Perhaps because my mother used the wooden spoon, when disciplining me because I couldn't sit still for two GD hours.


  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    The last DC we went to one of the speakears said "you should listen and do what the elders tell you to do". We left early because I couldn't sit in the hard seats but when I got in the car the first thing my husband said was that statement. He was so angry over it we did not go to the Sat or Sun program.

  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    There is a sister in her 80's who was called on at the WT study During the CO's visit. There was something about gay people in the study and she came right out and said that gays need to dress a certain way so we know who they are because she wanted to be able to identify them. I was so disgusted because no one corrected that statement.

  • stuckinarut2

    How about the classic line used at conventions etc:

    "The bethel family send you all their wamest christian love!"

    condescending pricks...WHO CARES??????

  • Fernando

    "It is better to be wrong with the Society than right on your own."

  • DwainBowman

    I don't remember the contexts, but an elder in his part on the SM, said something about talking to a person on the steps of a church. And after whoever walked away, he stood there for a moment, and said quitely, "God Damm! This Place!"

    A water cooler elder (real butt head) giving the local needs part about associating with DFed people. Said, "These are Wicked, Vile, Evil people, why would you even want to be near them, much less talk to them!) All said with, all the HATE, and DISCUST, he could muster! I would not spit on him, if he was on fire!


  • NewYork44M

    My last meeting the CO said "we don't think we have the truth... We KNOWwe have the truth!"

    The way he held on to the word "know" displayed a level of arrogance that I found disgusting.

    That was it - last meeting ever.

  • stuckinarut2

    Today's WT conductor:

    "beware of the one eyed monster" The TV.

    (now, I always thought that was a euphamism for something else??!!....)

  • LennaB

    Not said at a meeting but out in field service "The animals will never die in the new system so we won't be sad." This next one was said at one of my bible studies "The GB have DIRECT contact with the angels" I was a little taken back by that.

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