Outrageous Comment

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  • crazyhorse

    "We must accept everything the GB gives us, even if we don't understand , we have to humbly accept it"


  • stuckinarut2

    "We are blessed by being Jehovah's people as we dont have to think and work things out for ourselves. The Faithful Slave class does this for us"

    Nodding heads of approval throughout the audience, as well as a big "yes, Thankyou brother" from the conductor....

  • sparrowdown

    "Jehovah's people are the happiest people on earth"

  • frogonmytoe

    One ten-year-old (now married) told the conductor "I love you ten bags"

    The audience laughed, the conductor was stunned. His brother said he'd been saying he loved people a certain amount of bags for weeks...doubt he'll be waking up any time soon.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    "Go ahead and drink the Kool-Aid, everyone. We must all drink the kool-aid. It will all be over soon. Give it to your children. That's right. Make them drink the kool-aid. No, don't try to leave. We are all going to drink the kool-aid... We must die with some dignity. Don't be afraid to die. Death is just stepping over into another plane. It's your friend." Reverend Jim Jones, Jonestown, Guyana (1978).

    Everytime JWs go to the Kingdom Hall or to a convention, they take another sip of Watchtower kool-aid. When they listen to the Watchtower and refuse to let their kids have a blood transfusion or go to college, they are drinking the kool-aid and making their kids drink it too.

    Whenever JW shun their own children, parents, former friends who have chosen not to believe the Watchtower bullshit, they are drinking the kool-aid.

    Recently, practically every issue of the Watchtower or public addresses by members of the Governing Body have large doses of poison buried within the kool-aid they are dispensing. Don't fight it. Don't try to reason over it. Yes, it may not make sense to reasonable human beings. Just drink it and go to sleep...


  • Laika

    An older lady once said that if you don't scream Jehovah's name out while you are being raped then you are liable for the rape. The conductor was horrified.

  • WingCommander

    An older lady once said that if you don't scream Jehovah's name out while you are being raped then you are liable for the rape. The conductor was horrified.

    Don't know why the conductor would have been horrified. She was actually quoting learned WatchTower position on that subject for years. Conductor apparently wasn't up-to-date on WT understanding.

    - Wing Commander

  • WingCommander

    Most appauling thing I've ever heard from an Elder happened like this:

    After my long-suffering JW mother recieved a liver transplant about 10 years ago, the transplant did not take with multiple complications. As she was nearing death, I called our current Presiding Overseer at his home. Granted we were 250 miles away at University known for "bloodless" (or as near to bloodless as any steak can be). Anyhow, she was nearing death. I was sitting alone in my car in a parking garage. I called this trusted PO and asked if he'd come offer some spiritual assistance, comforting words to my dying mother, etc. His response? "I'm in the middle of dinner right now, please call the local body of Elders, and I'm sure they'll be able to offer you some assistance." He then hung up, and I was left picking my jaw up off the floor. It was then.....right then and there, thru my tears and suffering, that I realized that these "Princes among men", did not give one flying f*ck about me, my family, my dying mother, or anything else besides whether or not you were stuffing a chair at every meeting and stuffing your income into a donation box. You are not a person, you are a number.....an EXPENDABLE number, and they don't give a rat's azz about you or your problems. They no more shephard a flock any more than a wolf would. This "loving shephard" was killed in a freak construction accident about 2 years later. It was then I realized kharma was straight up for real yo! I have many more "Elder Dozies", but the one I just relayed takes first prize. Want to know who DID come and visit my dying mother on the last day of her life? Three of her so-called "worldly" co-workers took off work, rented a mini-van, and came down unannounced to cheer her up, which they did. She cried upon seeing them. I was floored. Here, the JW's didn't give two sh*ts, but her coworkers did. I thanked them over lunch in the cafeteria. Truly, by their "love" you will know them.

    - Wing Commander

  • Ding

    "Even if this weren't the truth, can you think of a better way to live?"

  • millie210

    Wow Wing Commander,

    Your story really touches my heart.

    It makes my own story pale in comparison and that is hard to do.

    How do you keep from being hurt and bitter? Or do you?

    I am struggling with that.

    I can say though, your mom raised one honorable and wonderful son. Your actions testify to her as a mother.

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