Said from the platform: "You are not surviving Armaggedon if you are spiritually weak"

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  • skeeter1

    If the congregation lives in that much anxiety, no wonder there is so much psychosis and pill popping by JWs.

  • problemaddict

    This is classic.

    Like ADCMS, I remember very vividly a talk that spoke about how few Isrealites made it out of jerusalem (less than 10% by some estimations?), and that is will probably be the same with "god's People" when the end comes.

    I was like......huh!?

  • OneEyedJoe

    My theory is that the WTS is playing a game of good-cop, bad-cop. Or current CO has given a couple talks, over a few visits, in which the gist was that we should just do or best, and even of that's not much, even the most spiritually weak JW is way better of than a worldly person. It's not just pure guilt that keeps people in line, it's the emotional rollercoaster of guilt then relief then guilt then relief that keeps people in. When you consistently send mixed messages, people hear the ones that they need to hear.

  • minimus

    Jehovah God introduced the field service report in order to help the elders see who is spiritually weak. Jehovah God knows what he is doing.

  • LisaRose

    I have to be honest, I don't get why some people here make an issue of the Society's hour requirements. When does anyone who really believes in the Society's teachings put in only a few hours a month on a regular basis? If you believed, you would make the time for service. You don't, so you don't make the time. That's all. You really have no place there since you don't believe the teachings.


    You have doubts

    You find the ministry to be difficult, you know, knocking on the door of strangers to tell them they are in the wrong religion and are going to be toast at the big A. Not everyone finds that easy.

    You are a full time working mom and Satuday morning is 50% of your available free time.

    You find field service to be inefficient and ineffective. You know, getting a half a street to work, all of them not at homes, and spend the rest of the morning driving around to do two return visits, not your own, and they are not at home.

    It's an hour wasted just going driving to the meeting for service, meeting and dividing up car groups and driving to the territory. That hour is a considerable amount of your available free time for the week and could be used for grocery shopping, laundry or just spending time with your children.

    You are an introvert and find talking to strangers to be painful.

    The bible says nothing about filling out reports and being judged by how many hours you write down on a piece of paper.

    You are told to "donate" for the magazine's you take, then ask for a "donation" for the magazine's, then "donate" that amount also, because we aren't selling anything.

    Cognitive dissonance.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    But wait! That's not what it says here:

    How will people know that not even all JWs will be saved with this kind of misleading information on the Internet!

  • JWdaughter

    Jeez. Jesus called 70-not EVERYONE. Paul visited congregations and he was not telling them about how to get their hours in. They're so full of BS that we should send the org (and that elder) toilet brushes.

  • jam

    So there will be less folks that will survive.

    Non-JW 7.5 billion

    spiritually weak Jw 6.8 million.

    200000 left to clean up the mess after Armaggedon.

    That's a Big job for those that survive.

    Not sure on the last number, maybe 8 (GB) and a few

    yes men, but whatever the number by the time that

    happen (the big one) it will be a small number that is

    left in the borg.. No un-numbered great crowd, you will

    be able to count them on your finger..

  • EmptyInside

    How do the elders count their time? I thought they could include their public talks,shepherding calls,and family studies. So,after all that,they probably only have to go out another five hours in service.

    Actually,one CO we had long ago,didn't understand why we had to report our service time.

    But,that congregation secretary was way out of line in saying that. Maybe many believe that,but it's not supposed to be said from the platform.

    My mother has a friend,we call her "the church lady",because she is always going on about who was or wasn't out in service. And she always wants to know reasons why some aren't pioneering.

    I also heard a speaker say in a public talk on marriage,how one shouldn't even be considered if they aren't a pioneer. Really,come on. It just gets crazier. The more one is mentally out,the more insane their rhetoric sounds.

  • watson

    Hoser the dozer. Sorry Hoser. Fraid you was dreamin'.

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