Said from the platform: "You are not surviving Armaggedon if you are spiritually weak"

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    Apog, that is not really the point....


  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    "All need to be concerned about learning and speaking the pure language, for only those doing so will survive Armageddon. There is no time to lose in heeding the counsel at Zephaniah 2:1-3."

    -Watchtower January 15, 1991 page 91

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes...Time spent in "service" = "spirituality"

    Amazing how the BIBLE never speaks of THAT!

    They are adding to the words of God hey.......

  • Quarterback

    I heard that speech over 10 yrs ago, from the COBE. That COBE was deleted by the new CO who felt that he wasn't active enough.

    The WT has written that you will be judged from your heart condition, not your works. That is why people get discouraged. They are getting mixed messages

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    At least part of what the speaker said was true:

    "What he spew out next just left me speechless. He literally said looking to the audience:

    "You are not surviving Armaggedon (sp)...!"

    You will not survive Armageddon for two reasons, but not because you "are spiritually weak."

    1. There will never be an Armageddon as described by Jehovah's Witnesses or inferred by some biblical quotations.


    2. None of us will survive. We are all going to die. Period. End of story.

    So go ahead and be "spiritually weak." It won't make a damn bit of difference.

    Sorry, but this bit of truth is coming to you from your friend, Juan Viejo.

  • losingit

    Apog-- the problem with the comment is that he's judging the heart condition and actions of others when he has no right to do that .... when i had my first born, my hours dropped dramatically. So did my ex's bc he was with me and the newborn. At the service meeting one evening, a MS recently moved up into the rank of elder declared that if we were not putting at least 10 hours out in service that we did not love Jehovah. I was completely demoralized. Completely! I was also very angry and shocked at what I had just heard. It changed me as a Witness. I never really saw service the same again. The zeal I had began to wane and never fully recovered for lots of reasons besides that one .

  • Oubliette

    What Londo said!

  • designs

    Had one of those Aah! moments reading the opener. Flashbacks to COs visits.


  • Apognophos

    losingit: Well certainly they should be making exceptions for parents with newborns, those who are ill, and so on. But if half of the congregation is lacking in hours, it's probably not that they're all temporarily too busy, it's that they're lacking in zeal. So I don't blame the elders for thinking that people are just weak spiritually in that case.

    Of course the precise number of hours should not be used as a barometer of spirituality, but at the same time, surely it means something if people are not putting in the effort to go out once a week! It's like getting mad at your boss because he expects you to do more overtime, but you've long told your friends that you hate your job. Gee, I don't know, maybe the two things are related?

  • frankiespeakin

    So make sure you turn your field service report in on time, I hear this really pisses Jehovah off and he considers all not regularly engaged in the Corporate sponsored activity of "field Service" to be slackers and not worthy of his wonderful but as yet to be seen gift of everlasting life.

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