Said from the platform: "You are not surviving Armaggedon if you are spiritually weak"

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  • Daniel1555

    Today I was at the meeting (I go there about once a month now). In the service meeting they had a part where they interviewed the secretary of the congregation.

    So one question was: "Why are the service reports so important?"

    Our secretary explained that the reports are important, because the elders can see, who is spiritually weak. If a brother or sister with no health problems is low in hours or inactive, then the elders realize, that this brother or sister is spiritually weak and needs assistance.

    What he spew out next just left me speechless. He literally said looking to the audience:

    "You are not surviving Armaggedon if you are spiritually weak!"

    So here this guy is condemning half of the congregation to death. Is he in the position to judge the brothers and sisters? Did he just usurp Jesus position?

    In our congregation, like half of the publishers are low in hours and we have a few inactive ones like me. One CO just said lately in a service talk, that there are 25 who report less than 5 hours (we are about 60 or 70).

    Then the secretary said he would be happy, if he gets the reports in the first week of the new month. At the moment he is getting only the reports of half the congregation by the middle of the following month. Then he always has to write e-mails to remember the brothers to give the report.

    After I stopped field service last December, I also got those remembering e-mails. Then I always answered with a big ZERO. After 3 months he gave up and didn't send any more e-mails ;-)

    If anyone asks me, why I am not attending meetings any longer, I can refer to those words of the secretary.

  • Giordano

    I find it fascinating how their corporate culture becomes part of their dogma. Your appearence, your FS hours, meeting attendance is elevated to a belief level.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    One of the last meetings I went to was during the CO's visit. His statement from the platform: "Most Jehovah's Witnesses will not survive Armageddon. Even if they sincerely believe they are doing all they can to serve Jehovah, they are only fooling themselves. Most will not qualify."


    You see, WT has condemned every non-JW to death at Armageddon. They have no one else to condemn except their own brothers, and one of WTs primary missions is to make itself out to be superior to everyone else- even it's own adherents.

    I'd like to ask that elder: 'so, how many hours did Jesus, the apostles and the early Christians report each month?

    As Ray Franz pointed out in CoC, the primary purpose of a service report is a judging tool, and it appears the elders are taking full advantage of it.

  • Laika

    Ah, just the guy you want to come do a shepherding visit... :/

  • Apognophos

    I have to be honest, I don't get why some people here make an issue of the Society's hour requirements. When does anyone who really believes in the Society's teachings put in only a few hours a month on a regular basis? If you believed, you would make the time for service. You don't, so you don't make the time. That's all. You really have no place there since you don't believe the teachings.

  • cofty

    No wonder there is so much anxiety and mental illness in the borg.

  • Mum

    Let them live on fear! Is dying at Armageddon worse than this sh*t? I don't THINK so!

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    Judge and jury all in one. Sounds like this guy needs to be a CO!

    As a witness, this statement is incontrovertable. Spiritual activity=salvation. No one will argue with that. First, however, you have to believe that Armaggedon is coming...if it does, we will see what it takes to survive. I have a strange feeling that if it comes most JW's will be destroyed along with everyone else for worshipping the ORG, oh excuse me, JW.ORG.


    You should tell that guy that he is an asshole...and that he has no scriptural right to say that "weak" ones will be destroyed. You should be mad as hell. What happened to the strong bearing the burdens of the weak?? What business does a "Star of Revelation" or one of the "8 Dukes" have judging a low hour publisher as worthy of death?!?!

    Official doctrine is that Jesus will do the judging. JWs are not privy to that information. They don't know who will be saved and who will not. You should report that douche to the CO and use this as a stumbling block to exit for good.


  • Londo111

    Let's review: It's a cult!

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