Said from the platform: "You are not surviving Armaggedon if you are spiritually weak"

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  • Daniel1555

    So as said before our secretary doesn't get about 30 reports (half of the cong) by the middle of the following month. He has to remind all those and put pressure.

    I believe some of those brothers just didn't go in fs and just write some fantasy hour on it. And thats fun to observe.

    The CO already many times is mentioning how low the hours are and it could well be that our cong. will be just a group in the future if there is not more zeal. He is driving the elders crazy. When I was an elder 4 years ago I remember the tension in the elders meeting with the CO. All very nervous.

    I am so happy to be free from all this "bs."

  • hoser

    I was at a circuit assembly a few years back and the district overseer said that if you didn't pioneer you wouldn't survive armageddon.

  • prologos

    I could not really understand all that was said in that interview, but my thought was: well, he wants to chastise his fellow elders for doing zilch to bring the hours = spiritualities up to GB expectations. I do not recall the specific Armageddon reference, it was not a scripted part anyway, a stilted " look how organized how busy we are" part.

    like so well said above,

    Armageddon is an empty threat. even it were real, they used it too often already and missed. 1914,25, 43? 75? every time.

  • prologos

    filler for itchy finger:

    what was new for some, that with the new links that the secretary and elders have to the org site, reports do not have to be in at the 6st at the latest, but the middle of the following month, the 20th even.

    love to pin the elder's pin.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    "You are not surviving Armaggedon if you are spiritually weak!

    I would say to that brother after the meeting:

    "Excuse me, Bro. Scare-aggedon, you said that one can't survive armageddon if they're spiritually week - is that true?"

    Bro. Scare-aggedon: "Yes it is."

    Me: "That's just too bad . . . we would all miss you so much . . . no, wait, the scripture says the former things will not be called to mind . . ."

  • Dagney

    The comments in this thread are similar to the ones I heard at my last meeting. I had a moment of clarity and never went back.

    As a side note, we had a crazy CO come through maybe '72-73, and he said from the platform to look around the KH because only 1/3 of those in attendance were going to survive Armageddon. I was young, looked around and figured I was toast. I stayed in though...for too many years after that.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    he said from the platform to look around the KH because only 1/3 of those in attendance were going to survive Armageddon

    Our C.O. said 80% of JWs will not survive.

    This means the "great increase" the WT brags about- 8 million JWs doing 1.8 billion hours worth of FS every year- are wasting 80% of their time and effort. 6.4 million JWs are toast.

    This also means that Jehovah™, even if he existed, is a dismal failure. 99.9% of "worldly" people will be killed at Armageddon, and 80% of his own people right along with them.

    So, if Jehovah can't accomplish anything close to what He's promised to do in this time, why does any JW put faith in what He promises for the future?

  • frankiespeakin

    Yeah saying that only the spiritually strong(those heavily involved in Corporate sponsored activities) will survive is a good whip to crack on mindless Corporation Drones to get them to become more $productive$.

  • sparrowdown

    The things they will say, just so they can scare people into doing their dirty work for them-for free.

  • blondie

    This reminds me of a statement the WTS made about maturity and immaturily. Immature people advance to maturity but mature people do not become an apple becomes ripe it cannot return to an unripened state but only can become rotten.

    *** w71 11/1 p. 664 Christian Maturity—an Elusive Goal? ***

    Of course, instead of being spiritually ill, the mature Christian may go bad, become a delinquent or an apostate. But he does not return to being immature. A ripe (or mature) fruit that goes bad does not become green (immature) again. It becomes corrupt, rotten.—Heb. 6:1-8; 12:15.

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