They continue to drop like flies

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    I haven't watched the "crappiest crap that ever crapped a crap." It sounds like crap.


  • jam

    No my ex is still a JW, married to a Elder. My wife now was

    never a JW, but dated one....

  • blondie

    I have seen some come back after they got married and had a child...don't want the child to die at Armaggeddon. But then it comes flooding back why they left, the non-jw spouse sees it for what it is and they drift off again.

  • EmptyInside

    I find the ones who left in late teen/early 20's seem to adapt better,than the ones who leave in their 30's and 40's. They still go through difficult times when they first leave,especially if they are disfellowshipped. But,they seem to be more successful and are able to make friends outside the cult.

    So,good for them for waking up early. Unfortunately,I was pioneering at that age,and didn't wake-up until my late 30's. I guess better late than never.

  • kaik

    I am not sure how is world wide, but in the 1990's majority who left WT cult in Czechoslovakia were males in their mid and late 20's as a result of flip flopping doctrine regarding alterantive service. Based on the census, median age there for JW is 38.5 years. Considering life expectancy and family ties, their number can remains the same for the next 45 years. For the exodus to be deep and structurally profound, it have to be done in mass, and have to take several generations of JW out of the Borg. Because people stream out of it every year does not mean the organization is dying.

  • villagegirl

    defenderofthetruth- Most racists do not know they are racist. Your admission that you didn't realize there was any racism is pretty telling, and the fact you live in North America (or the UK) and say you are not aware of the black experience in these societies. Start with 300 years of slavery. The slave trade itself, the exclusion policies, the German based science of Eugenics, that led to philosophies and pseudo science based on the idea that on the evolutionary scale, white men are on top, intellectually, and from this came Hitlar's Super Race the blond blue eyed Aryan Race, that led to the extermination of lesser races in concentration camps. What Nazi considered himself racist ? Its in your bones.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    If “Satan got the best of them,” then the ones who stayed are losers, right?

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Well don't worry, I won't be polluting the site with my racist propaganda any longer. (!)
    Back to the topic, all the youth in my hall are getting baptised in their teens, but there are a lot of young'uns, so they form a clique, whereas some congs may have very few socialising opportunities for the youth. In my very limited experience, only the type of rebels that listen to heavy rap music and play Grand Theft Auto have stopped attending. Or maybe it was just the ones that did these things and were smart aswell..

  • integ

    Wow. This rjharris is obviously over the top obsessed with race. His entire post is offensive and racist in and of itself. DOT is right in questioning the things this guy said.

    He sounds like Eddie Murphy's character in Bowfinger who sees everything as some vast conspiracy to keep people of color down.

    I'm not defending the wtbs and their lack of inclusion of people in pictures or positions of "power" but his hatred of white people seethes through his post in not so subtle wording.

    It reads like he thinks that the guy who "snitched" on him shouldn't have done so because their shared "blackness" should supercede any and all other concerns or issues. NOBODY (white or black) should be turning in ANYBODY for ANYTHING to be honest...but that's another topic.

    The wtbs is so wrong on so many levels who knows where to begin, but geez...such an intense obsession with race is disconcerting.

    I've read less racially charged propoganda from black militants.

    Not everyone is out to get you rj...or keep you down and destroy your heritage or culture.

  • Dis-Member

    Many here claim to never consider skin colour an issue.. that maybe so. But the world very much does conseider it an issue and we don't live in this forum we all live in the world.

    Here's a fascinating doocumantary that looks at the issue.

    Whitewashed: Unmasking the World of Whiteness

    Using amateur footage collected over the course of several years, the video records the voices of white people reflecting on race, racism, and white identity. For over a decade Mark has been talking to white people about racism and what it is like to be a "white" person. Drawing from those that would speak with him, this documentary shares some of what they had to say.

    Here are some of the testimonies: "I don't have any trouble admitting that I'm a racist. I think it's absurd to try to fight with that. I grew up in this society, I was conditioned by it, I think internally in my psyche I have grounded and rooted those attitudes and I see them all the time."

    "I don't like being a white man and that's what I am, because I know what I've done, what people like me have done. Part of being white is just not in any way acknowledging what it means to be white. I have a white skin and with that white skin comes along a whole mass of privileges that I have and I don't ask for them, they're just there."

    How did the ancestors get turned into "white" people? "You can only be something if there's something else to negate so I guess we became white because there are bunch of other races to set us off. The reason was the assimilation in the United States when lot of European ethnics came over and assimilated for a variety of reasons, primary being to elevate their socioeconomic status."

    "So to get jobs, to find places to live, lot of the Europeans altered their last names to sound more mainstream, a lot of them changed the clothing that they wore, foods they ate, so they were conforming to the dominant white culture."

    "The reality is that those persons who are white and who are considered white and treated as such in the society by virtue of being white, they had to give up who they really were. All these European ethnics who are not white anglo-saxon protestants had to give up their actual identities for the sake of whiteness."

    Watch the documentary:

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