They continue to drop like flies

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  • villagegirl

    So because he was black, and he disagreed with your making an issue over people like Jesus and the angels being depicted as having white skin, this proves that black people in the org are all under the thumb of the White men running the show?] defender of truth

    Holy cow, you are a flaming racist, defenderofnothing.

    Its a white old mens club, It was started by an arrogant, self important racist,

    namely, pyramid worshipping, White American, Charles Taze Russel,

    who preached black people were "cursed" and wrote racist stuff in his

    books and magazines. Jesus was a Semitic Jew, with a black grandmother

    in his ancestry. He was not a blue eyed Nordic white man. you idiot

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    If the newest DVD released is the GB's secret weapon to try to slow the exodus of young people, they better completely give it up. That mess would only appeal to the most shallow-thinking but deeply entrenched JW. The happy ending portrays this friendless, isolated family with late teenage kids with no goals except to study with Daddy and Mommy and act out bible dramas. This as the family sells their home and downsizes so that they can send more money to the WT pedo fund. Rather than actually address the issues raised by the kids about evolution or nonJW friends, it all gets magically scripted away with no real answers provided.

    And the video was very, very offensive in the racial portrayals.

    In case I haven't made myself clear yet, that newest video is so bad that words fail me. Imagine there is a huge pile of crap. Then imagine that that pile of crap took a crap. Now you're getting close to understanding how that DVD is the crappiest crap that ever crapped.

  • LostGeneration

    What billy, you didn't like the Magical Negro who guided the greedy white folk out of all of their trouble and tribulation?

    I do like hearing about the Kids leaving the borg though, check out exJW reddit, lots of teens, early 20s' posting their stuff over there.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Villagegirl said:"Holy cow, you are a flaming racist, defenderofnothing."
    Where is your proof of that? Oh, because of what you quoted me saying there? Well, here's the context..
    Rjharris said: " the 'Brother' who snitched and turned me in was a 'Black man.' This shows the power and influence the White power structure the organization has over its membership."
    I wasn't questioning whether there is a racist element to the organisation, or whether white people rule the GB by majority, which I gather you are assuming because of the following comment you made: "Its a white old mens club"... It probably is


    If you think about it, rj seemed to be asserting that because a black man informed the elders that he was telling people, potential converts (Bible studies), that the Watchtower doesn't speak truth in its illustrations and likely putting some off joining, that this 'shows' that the white power structure has strong influence or control over it's membership. Again, maybe it IS an example of black people being brainwashed into accepting Jesus portrayed as white, when apparently they should all have an issue with that. Maybe this is just an issue that I've never considered before. I've had several good friends that are black, and none of them have ever mentioned to me that a white depiction of Jesus bothered them.. Who knows, I'm not a mind reader.Try to bear in mind, I am a white man brought up in the 'Truth'. I have never even had a conversation about 'black' or 'white' culture or thinking.
    I have, though, been deeply angered by stories of racist segregation at assemblies, some being told in the past that 'your people sit over there'!!
    Sorry for the off-topic post, but I had to reply to this Villagegirl said: "Jesus was a Semitic Jew, with a black grandmother in his ancestry. He was not a blue eyed Nordic white man. you idiot."
    A) Which Jesus do you mean? The fantasy figure built up by Christianity, or the historical, 'real' Jesus that probably existed? Assuming that you mean the latter, yes he likely was dark-skinned. Where did I claim otherwise?
    B) Are you capable of having a rational conversation with someone who sees things differently, without calling them idiots and racists for questioning certain statements that seem strange to them?
    C) I do apologise for any offence caused. I am the sort who questions everything, it pi**es a lot of people off in real life, I'll try to refrain in future, and just listen

    And someone on the previous page said: "Statistics-evidence! Gosh can't we just let our friend say what's on his mind."
    Of course. I'm sorry if it sounded like I was trying to censor him in any way. I genuinely WOULD love to see anything to back up this claim: "The organization.. is losing people of color and in particular it's youth and more specifically its Black youth."
    To claim that the org is specifically losing black youths because of the way it's ran and the literature seems a strong statement to make if it's only based on his congregation, or maybe that's just me. It'd be the kind of info that deserves an article or something.

  • joe134cd

    The thing that surprises me is that Wt knows it's got a problem with retaining it's youth and yet still chooses to stand aside and let it happen. While of course blaming everyone /thing else except them selves. i look at these other religions and they are spending Hugh money on setting up programs and activities for their youth. The Wt needs to encouraged events with a religious aspect just for young adults were the could just Meet and hang out. They have to create a sense of community with its youth. The youth could meet the opposite sex at these functions then it would perhaps prevent them from looking outside the religion. For a youth he has to see the KH as been a fun vibrant place where he can worship god, if not then I'm pretty sure satan is more than willing to. Writing a 2 page article warning about if you don't keep your legs together you'll get a rash and make jehovah sad just ain't cutting it. I remember as a dubbie seeing these churches with basket ball courts outside and thinking how bad this was. But now I see it in a completely different light. Even if they do go to church just to play basket ball, at least while they are there they arnt up to mischief. Wt chooses the cheaper option of disfellowshipping, which perhaps could of been prevented if the necessary foresight and funds had been channeled in the right direction.

    the other concern I have for this religion, is how they are prepare to spend billions of dollars and countless man hours knocking on doors pissing people off, and yet will do virtually nothing in supporting or retaining it current membership. Oh well I hope they get it before it's tooooooo late.

  • joe134cd

    Defender of the truth. Why are you disobeying the loving counsel about eating at the table of demonised apostates. Hey I'm mentally diseased so you'll want to stay away from me.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    "Hey I'm mentally diseased so you'll want to stay away from me."
    You're not mentally diseased, you're just too lazy to take a quick peek at someone's posting history before deciding they're a Watchtower apologist..
    Oh, and my name's defender of truth, not 'the Truth'. ;)

  • joe134cd

    Oops my apologies. I'm sorry. I don't know what happened I guess I just wasn't in the mood for dealing with an apologist. I find the ignoring the council regarding mentally diseased apostate a good one for getting rid of them

  • BU2B

    Wow JuanViejo! I just read your article and it was very powerful and a great read. We did think of most of the same points didnt we? I like that because it helps me prove to myself that I am thinking clearly and am not crazy. If you are surrounded by JWs and do not visit here or sites like yours, JWsurvey, JWfacts, or JWstruggle, you will be "gaslighted" made to think you are the lunatic or the bad man.

  • sir82

    "if we DF this person, that means we will lose another publisher. Anyone know of any new studies that are about to get baptized to replace this loss?"

    And yet, the consistent message from COs to elders over the past couple of years is, "you are far too lenient. You aren't disfellowshipping enough people".

    Talk about mixed messages!

    If the newest DVD released is the GB's secret weapon to try to slow the exodus of young people, they better completely give it up.

    Agreed. The WTS is clueless. The video is emotional propaganda that won't work on anyone under the age of 50. I.e., it will scare the grandparents of their target audience, but not much else.

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