They continue to drop like flies

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  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Thanks, that is interesting.
    I'm not attacking him, I just feel strongly about racism. I don't even think about someone's skin colour, so reading a post that seems to be going on about the difference in 'Black' people and 'White' people's thinking, I get kind of defensive.


    Are you saying that I must be black because I have a baseball bat?? Where is Simon?!?!


  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    (Post 364 has nothing to do with you, Data-Dog, we're talking about rjharris)
    Listen.. You said: "I would like to smash Stephen Letts head with a baseball bat.... was that outloud?!?!"
    I thought that was an off-topic thing to say, I did not understand why you said it on this thread. So I asked you why you said it.
    I'm sorry, I will just ignore posts that I do not understand in the future. Ok?

  • GrreatTeacher

    "I don't even think about skin colour." -defenderoftruth

    That's white privilege. It's designed so that those who benefit aren't aware of it. No black person would ever say that.

    Please understand, I am not slamming you. I think your strong feelings against racism are admirable. It's just that we white folks often have a really poor understanding of the black experience.


    DOT, I am just messing with you.


  • naazira

    Statistics-evidence! Gosh can't we just let our friend say what's on his mind. His experience is true for him, and his observations are based on what he knows to be true from his environment (congregations, friends etc). That's what I appreciated about his post.

  • HeyThere

    There is definitely truth to what rjharris has said...The majority of images of historic bible figures are shown as white...designed by white men. Even back in the day the dubs said black people would turn white in the new system...r is right.

  • LostGeneration

    This is good to hear.

    They haven't paid attention at all to kids, now they are reaping what they sow. I only hope their bullshit videos and "family worship" nights don't trap the next generation.

  • villagegirl

    rjharris - excellent points - my multi racial daughter was treated

    badly, because as a white single mother I didn't fit the "picture".

    They really cannot see themselves as other see them.

    There is nothing of value for young people. They fundamental

    idea is that without constant control no one is capable of being

    a decent person. Its a shame based, fear based, paranoid society.

    Unfortunately they are targeting people of color. They think

    indoctrination and hammering and learning by rote,

    will capture minds. That works on five year olds, but even children

    outgrow childish things. The most pressing need, is a way to

    allow those that are strong enough to leave in body, to be helped

    to leave in mind as well. Too many, even here, think deep inside,

    its the only "truth" and they cannot reconnect, spiritually or socially.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    When I came across this thread, I had to stop for a moment and read through it again. Over the past weekend I posted an article on that touched on this very subject.

    I'd spoken to one of my contacts earlier last week. He has been a JW for most of his adult life and has been an elder for many years. He stays in, as he says, "mostly for entertainment," but also because his wife does not want to make their break until after her mother passes - which should be relatively soon. He told me, "As soon as the old lady is gone, so will we be. We may not even say good-bye, just stop going and let everyone wonder what happened to us. It will be interesting to see how long it takes before someone at the Kingdom Hall actually calls and asks, 'Where are you guys?'"

    It was our conversation that led me to write the aforementioned article:

    Anyway, as I was reading the comments by BU2B, doinmypart, and rjharris, I kept thinking - geez, I wonder if any of them read my article? We are all on the same page. My contact told me that in his circuit in the Pacific Northwest congregations are losing an average of 5-6 publishers over 18 every six months. He told me that most of the elders are getting nervous, thinking the CO is going to hold them personally responsible. One issue that comes up in almost every discussion connected with a judicial committee meeting is "if we DF this person, that means we will lose another publisher. Anyone know of any new studies that are about to get baptized to replace this loss?"

    He also told me that you can see the exhaustion of the elders as they try to keep things together. He said one good thing coming out of these losses is that elder bodies may realize that they will need to take a more accomodating attitude toward some of their flock, especially those who are just asking questions, but have not committed any "sins" - especially those not involving porneia. Problem is that several young people brought before the committee recently have taken the attitude, "do what you gotta do, I don't give a shit." His point is that when they are willing to verbalize their contempt, then you've probably already lost them - maybe not this week, but in a few months they will be gone on their own.

    He told me that in one congregation an elder was demoted back to MS - because he acted "like an "f-ing Nazi." He said the CO made a special trip to the KH just to give this one elder a dressing down, "and it began almost before they got inside the conference room."

    My contact agrees with sir82. The Watchtower may hope to have a hard core group of JWs who they know will (1) never leave, no matter what, and (2) keep sending money and doing what they are told, because (3) they want to have a home just to exert their authority over others.


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