Party in the kingdom hall!

by StephaneLaliberte 75 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • sparrowdown

    JWs have been only eager to point a snide finger at the "happy-clappy" religions for a century now.

    It seems the height of hypocrysy now that they are engaging in this type of hippie-dippy balone.

    Really lowers the tone BTW, all that "gettin jiggy with-it" detracts from the more serious lies and deceptions.

  • cofty

    This has been a weird conversation

  • Dis-Member

    Most of them are Cofty, that's what makes this place so interesting.

  • milola

    Personally I would hate to see this become the norm. The reason being that it could possibly make the religion more tolerable and make those getting sick and tired of it be able to stick it out just for a little bit of occasional fun. To me the stricter they are the better. At least the younger ones will be more likely to get fed up with the rigid rules.

  • Marie33

    This was sanctioned by the Governing Body because it came straight from the Branch and those goose-stepping idiots don't make a move (as we all once did) without the GB's okay. Here's the proof:

  • Marie33

    This was sanctioned by the Governing Body alright because the directive to do this came straight from the Branch! Here's proof!

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