Party in the kingdom hall!

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  • Dis-Member

    Oh my goodness. This is so utterly embarrassing. I have never seen anything so un-partylike in my life. Like a day at the asylum. I guess this is the standard you get when you deny people hobbies, interests or any natural fun.

    Really quite sad...

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    It made me cry.

    These people have so little real happiness in their lives that this video needs to go viral and make them realise that fun is allowed and the KH will not be struck down by Jah for using it for "entertainment".

  • Dis-Member

    Is it just me or are 99% of the females in this video overweight? Many massively. What happened to moderation in all things.. like FOOD for instance?

    From the dancing one can see that the level of fitness and general flexibility is appalling even in the young ones.

  • fastJehu

    2014-04-16 on Cedars Blog the "happy song video" was introduced.

    Maybe the elders in this KH know TATT and there happy song video is the answer, that JWs also could be happy

  • cofty

    I am disppointed by some of the negativity in this thread. Yes it's awful and amateur and cheesy but its a bunch of oppressed people trying to have some fun.

    The children will remember the evening as a rare moment of enjoyment.

  • Dis-Member

    You want people to celebrate what that shows Cofty? Sorry but it's quite sad and tragic and even more so that the people in the video can't see it themselves.

    Kids will enjoy just about anything. They are born to be joyful The Org in time will soon wash that from their little souls. I personally can not appreciate anything at all about this clip. It's quite pitiful.

  • Magnum

    cofty, I agree with Dis-Member. What you call "negativity", I call reality. I'm just being honest in my evaluation. Although I am usually impressed by what I perceive as good insight and discernment on your part, I am disappointed by what I perceive as your lack of insight into this situation.

    First, let's leave the kids out. They're clueless. As Dis-Member said, they "will enjoy just about anything". They'd be joining in and jumping around no matter what was going on. Now... to the adults. Judging by my vast experience with JWs, I say that most of the ones in the video are smug and self-righteous. If you, cofty, tried to reason with them, they'd either not listen or call you a filthy apostate. A few years ago, an intelligent, ex-pioneer JW woman who is honest and realizes things aren't right in JWdom told me that she tried to talk with an elder's wife about some questions she had. She said that the elder's wife literally stopped up her ears and went "Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah..." so she couldn't hear what was being said. The ex-pioneer told me that JWs are unfair in that they won't listen to anything negative against them, yet they'll go knock on people's doors and tell them their God (Trinity) doesn't exist, their hope (going to heaven) is false, their religion is wrong, etc. And she's right. As I said, most of the JWs in the video are ignorant and smug, yet they think you and are I weak and ignorant.

    I still say that what I saw in the video was embarassing and corny. If what they were doing is fun, then I don't want to have fun. I could never call dancing around in Pentecostal fashion with a bunch of corny, goody-goody, clueless, smug religionists "fun". To me fun is going to a waterpark or riding a wetbike - not acting like Pentecostals. There was also an attitude in what they were doing. It was like "Look at us. We are God's people. We have the truth. But we're hip and cool. We like to have fun. See, we're not dull and boring."

    Call me a cynic, but I say a lot of what we saw was selfishness. Do you really think the drummer dude and his group spent all those long hours practicing becausing they were really concerned about the visitors and wanted them to have a good time? Was all that time spent time practicing really a sacrifice? No - not to me. Those in the musical group ate up the attention they got. I say they did it more for themselves - for attention and glory. If they had really wanted to help the visitors and give them a good time, why didn't they just anonymously give them something like a trip to some place that would really bring some fun? Good grief, these people came in from across the globe and they got to hear "The Theocratic Revue"??? Wouldn't it have been better to take them to some local place of interest?

    Yes it's awful and amateur and cheesy but its a bunch of oppressed people trying to have some fun.

    Well, at least we agree on the "awful", "amateur", and "cheesy" part, but "oppressed people trying to have some fun"??? Their being oppressed is their own fault. I know many JWs in my area who deserve to be oppressed. I've tried to reason with some, but their stupidity, stubbornness, unreasonableness, self-righteousness, goody-goodieness, smugness, blind devotion to the org and its superstars, etc. prevent them from hearing and/or comprehending. So let them be oppressed.

    I find it odd, cofty, that it's evidently not "negative" when you shoot down JW stuff and points made on this forum (as you often do and often rightfully so), yet it's negative when I and some others say what we perceive to be truth about the goings-on in this video.

  • cofty

    Magnum - I am less comfortable about blaming the victims than you seem to be.

  • Laika

    Being a JW would have been much more enjoyable if this was more common, one of the things I don't like about the JW religion is the refusal to encourage their member's talents, this is a good thing.

    As a side point I don't really get the comparison to pentecostals here? A bit of entertainment hardly makes them charismatics.

  • Giordano

    Magnum your over the top. So they played music and danced..... big freaking deal.

    So the kids had a good time or looked to be having a good time........ BFD.

    It was an odd one out playing music and dancing at a KH.

    Just because one is out doesn't mean we need to demonize the rank and file.........many are learning TTATT and leaving, fading or getting DA.

    My bet is that the people at that Hall are going to be asking themselves why can't we do more of this? Those that experienced this event will have experienced, perhaps for the first time in their lives, something that was positive and when they go back to their enforced negative world will be wondering why not have more of that kind of sharing experience. And because they will be wondering.....well who knows what the result will be.

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