Party in the kingdom hall!

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  • Oubliette

    Magnum: Good God Almighty!!! Please watch from about 15:10 to about 18:50.

    How strange.

    We can definitely see the power of peer pressure in action. Notice how easily these people in a group conform. Here are dozens of people eagerly doing something that is completely foreign to them, and which ALL OF THEM have heard soundly and repeatdly condemned, simply because others are doing it.

    Not that I'd want someone to storm out and say this is wrong when they're clearly having the most fun they've probably ever had in a KH. JWs are just a bunch of lemmings with no individual integrity.

    Pretty disturbing, actually.

    As an aside, it's pretty obvious how unusual this is because the majority of the audience can't even clap in time. Pathetic.

  • wokeup

    Let me get this straight. Some of the International delagates were bused over to this Kingdom Hall to sit and listen to amatuer hour on the stage.

    Then watch local witnesses dance and clap to a rappers song. The same rapper who appeared in Robin Thicke's controversial Blurred Lines video?

    All with the Governing Body's blessing? Tell me it ain't so?

  • fastJehu

    @ cofty

    you wrote: " I am disppointed by some of the negativity in this thread. Yes it's awful and amateur and cheesy but its a bunch of oppressed people trying to have some fun..."

    It ist OK to have fun.

    I am disappointed, that this kind of event is ONLY for "rich" delegates during there visit. Why it is not allowed for the regular kingdom hall JWs who have no money to be a delegate? Why must the normal kingdom hall JWs rent a wordly hall to have a nice get together? If every kingdom hall all over the world can have such a nice happening every year - nobody here would be disappointed.

  • Magnum

    Giordano, I have no problem with playing music and dancing. I'm not an old party-pooper. I love life; I love fun. It's not that they "played music and danced". It's just that I know who it was playing the music and dancing and what they and the religion are really like. It was corny JWs doing it. Seeing them dance around the Kingdom Hall like Pentecostals was odd and emabarassing to me. If you and cofty and Laika don't think seeing them dance around the KH was embarassing and corny and like Pentecostals, then we simply disagree.

    Allow me to address the point you and cofty made about "blaming the victims" and "demonizing the rank and file". JWs have no problem blaming everybody outside their ranks for the fact they're supposedly soon going to be carrion for birds and manure ($hit) on the ground for fertilizer. Individual JWs and the org have for years self-righteously and judgementally scrutinized and analyzed every aspect of the lives of non-JWs and critiqued their entertainment, lifestyles, etc. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff I put up with. I can't relate specifics here because doing so would blow my cover.

    I actually want to help JWs and care about them, but it seems to me that the majority are beyond help. As I've said, and I'll say it again, many (most?) are smug, unreasonable, self-righteous, ignorant, and outright stupid. I tried to reason with my own mother. Her responses were so ridiculously unreasonable and stupid, that my wife, who was watching and listening, literally laughed. She is so ignorant of the Bible - its contents, background, etc. - that it makes me mad at her. She's even ignorant of JW theology and the history of JWs and goings-on in JWdom. Yet she sits in judgement of the whole non-JW world and has the gall to go door-to-door to "teach" people in her state of ignorance.

    Many JWs love the glory and attention that the org provides them and that they couldn't get elsewhere; they love being recongized as pioneers, giving talks, etc. Most are not just innocent victims as you seem to think.


    Last week Partying at the Kingdom Hall was bad..

    This week it`s good..LOL!!..

    The WBT$ is a friggin Circus,JWs are unpaid Clowns..

    JWs need a Clown Union!!..LOL!!..


    It`s all so mindless,don`t think..

    Just do as your told by the WBT$..

    ..........................................................................If you don`t think..

    ...............................................................None Of This Will Confuse You!..


    ............................... photo mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

  • BluesBrother

    My take on this? If it was organised for International Delegates then it must have been approved at a very high level, if not at the GB.

    What about it ? Musically, I have seen worse - usually at J W "association" evenings . There is nothing wrong with amatuer performances , they sure had a lot of fun and I would never criticize anyone for doing that. The power of music can turn even them into a swaying shouting audience.

    I am surprised tthat they could use the K Hall. It would never have happened in my day. What was "dedicated" was Holy, end of story. Did you get to about 13 m 44sec..when the "sister" anounced they were going to "Hustle". I guess they did not research back to the '70's when the WTS said

    Awake '79 3/22 p4
    The disco sound was born in recent times in New York, being derived from a combination of black and Latin music. It first became popular in the summer of 1974. About the same time, a new disciplined dance performed with a partner was also developing—The Hustle. This is the dance that gave life to disco. It is somewhat similar to the lindy or jitterbug of an earlier generation. Then, in 1975, songwriter Van McCoy wrote the catchy musical hit The Hustle, and disco fever started to rise...............................
    Awake '79 3/22 p 9
    .... disco is identified with such a ‘sexually-freed’ life-style. “What differentiates discomania from most of its predecessors is its overt tendency to spill over into orgy,” explains Esquire magazine. “All disco is implicitly orgy . . . By offering the instant and total gratification of all sexual desires in an atmosphere of intense imaginative excitement, the disco-inspired orgy promotes the dawning of an exalted state of consciousness, of literal exstasis, or standing outside the body.”

    It all goes to show that things change all the time, in that religion . Personally, if this is the way it is going - that would be a change for the better.

  • AlphaMan

    Most of the perceived negativity by this is probably because people feel it is another Watchtower flip-flop. Most remember the Governing Body then directive of "no large gatherings". The GB then pretty much killed all the fun JW's were trying to have. I know I seen most fun things that was being done just dry up and die. Nothing like this occured on the KH platform because that was considered a holy place. I'm far from being a prude, but now to see dancing and motown & rapper tunes being done on a KH platform is disgusting.

  • Mandette

    Oh geez...."We Thank You, Jehovah". Mixed emotions. Singing next to my dad(who I miss so much). But my stomach knots up when the other memories come flooding back.

    AND SHOCKING!!!!! "Wordly" music in a kingdom hall? They really must be desperate.

    I couldn't make it through the whole vid. I don't like nausea for an afternoon snack.


  • Oubliette

    Tony the Turd

    GB: If you do it, it's wrong/bad/evil. If we do it, it's right/good/spiritual.

    It's all about control. We have it, you don't.

    Listen and Obey and Be Blessed!

  • Magnum

    AlphaMan, the flip-flop is part of the reason for my negativity, but not the whole reason. Part of the reason is that it's just corny. There's nothing to me cornier and more emabarssing than a bunch of goody-goodies trying to be hip and edgy. I feel about this the same way I do when I see some (especially some whites) try to rap when they just don't have it - they don't have the street cred, they're not "hard" enough, etc. It just comes across as being corny and embarassing.

    I'm far from being a prude, but now to see dancing and motown & rapper tunes being done on a KH platform is disgusting.

    Same with me. One of the things that attracted to me JWdom (aside from thinking they had doctrinal truth) was the serious dignity of it. I used to be so impressed by the fact that JWs didn't have softball teams, etc. as did churches - that the Kingdom Hall was about serious worship and not a social or entertainment center. I always liked that. I never thought JWs weren't fun-loving. Heck, a love of life and fun, I thought, was a big part of our motivation; we wanted to live forever in paradise and have fun forever. I always dreamed of sailing, skiing, surfing, biking, hiking, etc. forever and ever. I was always a lover of fun. It's just that I was always taught that our current ship was sinking and that many lives were in danger, so the present was not the time to have fun.

    I feel that the KH is not the place for such. Assuming the Bible is true, music was played in the temple area, but it was religious music.

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