Survey---who is inactive, disfellowshipped/disassociated or active?

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  • 20yearfader

    inactive for 23 years after i was reproved i was done.

  • shopaholic

    Inactive/Faded for 5.5 years

  • gingerbread

    Slowly and quietly became inactive beginning in 2012. We turned in our last field service report after last summer's convention. Last meeting (besides this year's Memorial) was in the fall.


  • thinking_not_believing

    I let them DF me 9 years ago, after leaving WT two years prior to that.

  • noolite

    Born in, then Inactive & Faded (although there was no such term back then) somewhere around late '82 or early '83, over 30 years ago.

    Have only been back one time to a KH, for a funeral last year. It felt really strange being there, everything about it seemed cultish. Strange vibes and lots of questions, I just wanted to get out of there ASAP. I still have chills about that today.

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    I'd answer but I've got to go to the meeting. Must. Do. More.

  • villagegirl

    The best way I can describe my relationship with the CCJW is to compare it with the apostle Paul.

    Paul did his own thing but worked in harmony with the Christian congregation. by a watcher

    Really ? And you have never noticed that the CCJW is not Christian ?

    Christian ? Believing Jesus is an angel? And eight men are the

    "sole channel of communication" between mankind and God ?

    That is not Christian, it is denying Christ as the one mediator,

    between man and God. Replacing scriptures that refer to Jesus

    as in the new NWT with the the YHWH and Adnai combo Jehovah does

    not erase the original meaning of those scriptures.

    The WT is a cult and an anti-Christ cult, you "work in harmony with".

    And by the way, "a watcher" don't you realize the term "watcher"

    comes from the Book of Enoch to describe evil angels who came to earth ?

  • happy@last

    Welcome Tyler77

    I deactivated in 2011 after having been very active, was left alone until end of 2013, I then DA'd, the difference is huge to me and has given me my freedom mentally.

  • brainmelt

    Inactive for just over a year.

  • konceptual99

    Nominally active. Mentally out and working on getting the family out.

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